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  • ***UDoggie's Humpday Spidey Tatts***

    NBA 266-246-3 +41.83 units

    Positive day yesterday, waiting on team totals....

    Nets/Pistons o185-105


    Bulls/Spurs o186.5-102

    Heat/76ers o188.5-105

    Celtics/Kings u190.5-105

    Warriors team o111.5

    3 units each





    2 units each

    Nets team o90-105
    Warriors-360 1stq

    .5 to win 2.03 units
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    Nets/Pistons- 6 of the Net's last 9 games have produced totals higher than 185. The Nets have topped the century mark in three straight games. I think it has to do with the lineup shuffles. Boone has responded well to getting on the court more often, & has looked pretty good the last couple games. Last game he had 19 pts & 13 rebounds in 39 minutes. Last meeting between these two resulted in 213 pt total. Detroit can turn the pace up on the road, & I expect them to get pts in the paint, & for the Nets to keep this one close.... Leaning Pistons 1stq.

    Wizards- fade of the Cats as faves. They do tend to play better at home, but who have they beat lately? The Knicks, Clippers, Cavs & Jazz. Utah is playing like ****, I think that home win is a bit overrated. They have lost to the Magic, Bulls, & Celtics. Last meeting resulted in a 114-11 ot win for the Wizards, so I'm bucking the revenge angle once again. Charlotte scored 33 pts on threes, & Washington went to the line 40 times. I have a lean tot he under as well, but will likely make it a Bobcats team under. Should be 97.5.

    Mavericks- Bucking the revenge angle yet again. Mavs as dogs to Utah, who have not impressed me at all lately. Mavs haven't been great on the road thus far, but are 7-1 in their last 8 games. They are really flying under the radar, mostly because they have 'nt been covering the spreads. I'm wary of them laying a large amount of points, but all they have to do is win here. The Jazz are 2-9 in their last 11, I'm not going to overthink this one- IMO the better team wins su here.

    Bulls/Spurs over- Line is a touch lower than it should be IMO, mostly due to Manu's absence paired with Skiles getting the boot. I also think the line is too high, & I suspect the Bulls keep this one within the number, but I feel much more comfortable playing the over. 8 of the Spurs last 10 home games have gone over 188. 7 of the Bulls last 10 games have gone over the total. Counting on the Bulls to step it up, & for the jumpers to fall.
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      Wow, the o/u for the Heats/76ers game has moved to 191.
      What do u think UD?


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        gl dogg on mavs with ya


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          UDogs picks have been the best.
          I've been browsing this forum for quite some time now and decided to join so i can thank the Udog himself.
          thanks man.
          In with you on the Pistons Over today


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            I have them going into the high-190's. Line moves really don't concern me with totals, as I don't play them unless I think the dfference is pretty big. For instance, I think the Pistons & Spurs games will both get close to 200, so I'm on them. I think the Washington/Charlotte game will go under, but probably in the 185 range, so I'm laying off. :thumbs:

            Kings/Celtics- Kings have lost scorers, but are responding by playing good defensively. Boston has been playing great defense pretty consistantly. While the Kings have had some higher scoring home totals, I don't think this is one of them. Big lean to the Kings, but I'm considering waiting till the half to possibly get a better line. Risky as the Kings could keep it tight 1sth giving me no value, but I really want a little bit more pts to fade the C's. Kings last 5 losses at home...

            Lost by 2 to Cavs

            Lost by 2 to Suns

            Lost by 7 to Warriors

            Lost by 10 to Clippers

            Lost by 1 to Denver.

            Solid at home. As far as the Celtics on the road, I have some possible plays mapped out, as always depending on what kind of line I get. It involves 3 teams.....

            Jazz- tough road ahead of them, as they face the Mavs tonight, then they are @ the Lakers Friday. Doesn't get any better with a b2b situation facing the Celtics at home Saturday. I really think the Jazz have a good chance of 0-3 in these 3 games.

            Boston- Front end of b2b tonight vs Kings, Sonics tomorrow, @Jazz Saturday (catching the Jazz on a b2b situation). This is followed by a Sunday night game @ LaL on a b2b & as the last game of their 5 game roadtrip.

            Lakers- 2 days rest before facing Jazz Friday at home, then 1 day rest before getting the C's at home.

            What I'm looking at

            Friday- Lakers-???

            Saturday- Celtics (should be a low number, hoping for -2)

            Sunday- Lakers-3 or so (pretty much depends on what heppens Saturday.)

            Sometimes this all pans out, sometimes I'm wrong..... iut always helps to get an idea of how you think thigs could go....

            Bucks- Denver is so overrated it's not even funny. The Bucks are 1-8 last 9 on the road, but have lost by more than 6 just twice in that span. @Boston & @ GS, 2 of the worst places to play on the road. Denver plays no defense, so the backdoor is always open.

            Warriors team total- See Warriors home totals. I'm tired of typing :thumbs:
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              Thank ttoomm, Beholdah! :thumbs:
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                1 unit each

                That's it, be back later GLTA :thumbs:
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                  I think this is probably a good spot to start fading the that they're finally playing a western conference team on the road. Sure, the Queens aren't exactly at the top of the pack in the western conf, but like you said, they're normally solid at home, and outside of Detroit and Orlando, and maybe Toronto, they're the best thing Boston has faced. I mean really, I look over their schedule and it's basically nothing but a pile of crap teams.

                  And if you look closer, their road results are not all that impressive either.

                  Beating Charlotte by 1? Beating the no defense playing Pacers? They beat TOR twice on the road, but the 1st was close and the 2nd was with TOR banged up. Add in NJ? PHI? MIA? And losses to CLE and ORL. Junk.

                  Plus, I didn't see the game, but they only beat SAC by 12 at home where they seem to play much better.

                  The Queens are underrated IMO. Just wish they had Kevin Martin playing....but then again, if they did, the line would be lower....


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                    Kings+2.5 1stq

                    1 unit

                    1 pt loss on the Pistons total, stellar shooting by Kidd :bang:
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