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  • Cavs vs Mavs

    Cleveland +9.5 (-110)

    I was hoping to get Cleveland +10, but books are already moving to 9 so you'll want to get 9.5 while it's still available.

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    I was looking at this too...seems like alot.

    James has gone off on Dallas in his career, hasn't he?

    GL rjp


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      To be honest I've got no idea about James' past history with the Mavs.

      What I do know is that the Mavs have a much better offense than the Cavs, but the Cavs defense is right on par with the Mavs defense (from a strictly statistical perspective).

      The Mavs are simply overvalued. As you can see most everyone else is on the Mavs, and from time to time they'll crush the Cavs. Odds are, however, that the Cavs cover this number.

      With that said, if recent history continues to hold true then the Mavs will make 80% of their 3pt shots and win by 30.



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        Originally posted by Ryan View Post
        The Mavs are simply overvalued. :
        That's it right there...


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          GLTY rjp! I'm on the Cavs 1st Half. Luckly I got em at +5.5
          Rowdy Rowdy Red!!!


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            I love TiVo and all but for some reason my wife decided it's a good idea to record something while basketball is on... please tell me the Cavs don't jack this up.


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              Good call rjp!!! I was on the wrong side of this one :/
              2010 NFL Football

              1-0 +$1,000

              2010 NCAA Football

              1-0 +$1,500


              68-16 +$18,429.12

              2010 WORLD CUP

              25-10 +$17,964.62


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                Nice call


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                  Thanks guys--nice to start out with a win!

                  xHeroOfTheDayx, while I feel the Cavs were the "right" side from a long term perspective, one game in no way shows which side was the "right" side. I hope that makes sense to you... a lot of people say that a loss is never the "right" side, and that's simply not true.