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  • ***UDoggie's Trappy Tuesday***

    NBA 352-342-6 +46.74 units

    Dog moneylines made Monday profitable. Still going over the card for today, but I have some preliminary thoughts. Plenty of short lines for public road teams today, some reasons to think twice....


    Pistons u183-102

    3 units each



    Cavs/Grizzlies u197.5-105


    76ers team u87-105

    2 units each



    1 unit each

    Cavs/Grizzlies- Cavs are just -1.5? But Memphis is terrible! Let's forget about the names on the jerseys for a second... the Cavs are 2-8 su in their last 10 road games, & 7-12 overall. And they are favored. Does that look like a strong play to you? Memphis have lost 4 straight & have won just 2 of 10, so it's not an easy play on the home team either. The Cavs could have easily lost vs the Cats in their last game, & it seems LeBron has to put up 35 ppg for them to even pull a win out. Memphis lost by 1 pt @ the Lakers last game, I have a feeling this is another closely played game. Lean to the under, as I expect the Cavs to slow it down a bit. 8 of their last 10 road games have failed to total more than 191 pts.....

    Nuggets/Hawks- Pretty much same thinking as yesterday.... the Nuggets bench is thin with Nene/Atkins out, & to make matters worse Najera is d2d with elbow problems. The Nuggets are now 4-7 in their last 11 road games.... Hawks are 11-8 at home, books making you lay pts this time with the home team....

    Wizards/Knicks- Wiz laying just 2? But they just beat the Celtics? This game screams letdown to me, but god is it tough to make a play on those Knickerbockers. Starbury is out, which makes it a little bit easier- I think they're better off without him.....
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    Ended up playing opposite of all 3 public plays & also played Cavs under- just too much supporting the under for me not to play it. Also 3 of the last 4 Memphis wins have gone under this number.

    Raptors- 1st game home of a 4 game road trip for the Pistons, which ended in a NY beatdown. Generally not the best spot to be laying a large number. They are 2-3 last 5 but could easily be 1-4. The cherry on top is the Raptors revenge angle, having suffered a 16 pt home loss to Detroit earlier in the month. Total is the system play, but it also a good play based on Detroit's home games vs. more defensive minded teams. Go Rapts!

    Philly- playing the team total under, because IMO Philly gets blown out, but I hate laying that kind of chalk. Last meeting Philly won 100-88 @ home, & shot 51%. I think Houston's D steps it up today & keeps them under the number. Philly scored 82 last night @ SA, & are now playing b2b.....

    Bulls- Don't like this play enough to put more than a unit on it, but Orlando has been slipping & are in a pretty bad spot situationally. Though rested, it's their 1st game home from a road trip & the front end of a b2b. my feeling is either they lose su, or the Bulls don't show up & get waxed.
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      Did you have any thoughts on the GState or Phx totals?

      GL today
      Overall Records

      Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.


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        gl underdog, you're on the grizz again i see:thumbs:


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          Originally posted by Underdog88 View Post
          Orlando has been slipping

          Tell me about it

          Good Luck Today:thumbs:
          "Assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups!"


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            what do you think of Phx, the Clips should come out flat after having a few days to think about how they blew their last game to Dallas? Maybe a 1st q play?


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              Clips are listing Kaman as questionable with a sprained ankle. I heard it this morning on the local report. Suns also have Marion as questionable. Both should play, but if Kaman can't be as aggressive or run up and down, the Clips might try to play more of a half court game or pull him out entirely if he can't be effective against the suns. Last year he was pulled a few times against them in favor of Tim Thomas playing center. But this is a different Kaman.... I'd say Suns 1Q might be tempting. But I lost too much yesterday :blackeye: , so only the Cavs play for me.

              GL in whatever you guys choose.
              NCAAB (53-28 +62.9 units) :beerbang:

              1 unit= $50.00
              HUGE PLAYS (10 unit= 1-1)


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                Dogs should be paying money tonight....We are on the same page for most of the plays.

                Good Luck


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                  under plays are tough in the NBA because everytime a player misses its a foul.


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                    Damn! sucked it up on totals & Toronto sucked it up in general.....

                    Clips/Suns u110 1sth

                    2 units
                    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                      GL U!
                      ...toke on...


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                        and Memphis has no heart, they don't care if they win or lose, they just want to get paid.