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I would be red hot if I had bet Gerald Green to win the dunk

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  • I would be red hot if I had bet Gerald Green to win the dunk

    I'd be f'n on fire if I took green to win.

    I watched the recap online (was busy, couldnt watch it live) and howards dunks were no more than ordinary dunks. I liked the one where he tapped it off the backboard to himself and dunk it, but that is very easy for a guy his size. **** I could maybe have done that at 6'3 in high school when i could get up.

    Gerald Greens dunks were WAY better.

    Id be f'n red hot if I bet Green and lost.

    NBA fans are morons. Howard was the only guy with a name in the contest and thats the only reason he won.

    Im pissed and I didnt even bet it.

    I love love and hate the nba. Lotsa morons associated with it though.
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    Originally posted by The Mailman View Post

    NBA fans are morons. .
    that fits as most of the players are too.....:thumbs:
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      what was so special about green's dunks? an "A" for creativity with the cupcake but the dunk itself was average. Then he took his shoes off and did the same dunk he did previously.. nothing special.

      I thought Howard won the contest hands down. the behind the backboard dunk was probably the best of the night.


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        I agree mackey... ok howard didnt even dunk the ball when he was superman but howards creativity was a step above green's imo.


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          Green should have did the barefoot dunk second, that's not easy to do. He would have had to come up with something better for his third to win though.... I knew after the first dunk Howard was winning. Oh yeah the most hype of all Moon didn't do ****- I'm tired of players putting tape down, then jumping a full 2 feet after the tape :puke:
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            I agree with Mackey too. I thought Green's dunks were ****...and Howard's were great. And Moon should have been in the final, IMO...but Howard was definitely the best. Interesting story on Moon...he was prepared to do a different dunk second...some 2-ball, 360 thing I believe, but was told when he was setting it up that he had to do the "teamate" dunk 2nd for some reason. He said he was preparing to do that later when better warmed up....and screwed up the takeoff. Aparantely he's done that one (2 feet behind the line alleyoop) in practice many times. I still think the way it turned out....a foot in front of the line, allyoop lefthanded finish should have got him to the final for sure. People are still amazed at Jordan and Dr. J's foulline dunks.....but a foot in front of the line with an alleyooped thrown in gets no final? Joke. Kapono screwed up the toss as Moon said it was just supposed to be a right handed dunk, but he was forced to do it left b/c of the toss. Green's 1st one was inventive...but the rest were below average and could have been done by 1/2 the league....

            I agree though, UD...Moon shouldn't have put the tape down at all...b/c if you don't hit the tape exactly like a longjumper (which is hard to do), you are losing some style. But the dunk was still amazing, IMO...and probably one of the top 3 dunks overall...
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