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**NBA Sat 2.23**

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  • **NBA Sat 2.23**

    I hate the Cavs and the Cats:fire:

    NBA YTD: 89-90 (-22.9 Units)

    Today I like...

    Heat -2 - If Haslem and Marion and Wade play good then I see it being possible.

    Nets -4 - Thought this would be one sided on the nets but action is almost coming in on both sides pretty evenly. More so on the nets, but not by much.

    Bucks team over 105
    - Wanted to play the game over 214, but opted for bucks team total over instead as both would find their way over century if it was to go over.

    Each for 3 Units

    Have a feeling that SAS is gonna wipe the floor with the hornets tonite, but probably wont pull trigger on it. I like the Clips as well...but that only goes so far, lol

    "Assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups!"