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    Pho +2

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    Why back a team who has lost 5 of their last 7, and now get to go against the Spurs?

    Well, mainly because they have revenge today from a 3 pt home loss to SA on Jan 31.

    In that loss, the Suns were leading pretty much the whole game, until the Spurs took over late by controlling the boards and the tempo of the game.

    While I think the Suns made a horrible move by letting Marion go to get Shaq, who was IMO very important to their team, as both a versatile defender and big play maker to get the crowd and his teammates going, this is a game where Shaq is going to have to prove his worth....because this is the exact situation they got him for.

    I know he's not the same player he once was, but when the big guy has something to prove, he can usually still come thru and do his part.

    If he is able to do that, I think the Suns will win today.

    Plus, the Suns have lost 3 straight home games. They are normally a strong home team, and getting back to winning at home is something struggling teams often look at as a good start to getting back on track.

    Clearly this game means far more to the Suns. If they lose this one, I believe it's a confidence breaker for the rest of their entire season. If they win it, it gives them hope that they can still take down a top team.

    So the bottom line is that it's strictly a situational play for me, and I don't care what either team has done in the last week or two.

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    Detroit -9
    Queens +14 (-105)

    2 units each