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Why are the Bulls favored?

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  • Why are the Bulls favored?

    Is it just me, or does this strike anyone as odd? Based on recent play I would think Denver would be at least a pickem, or favored by 1 or 2. Public seems to be eating up Denver +3....

    thinking about playing Chicago -3

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    because it's a trap game??
    NCAAF: 2-5 (-16 units):puke:

    NCAAB: 12-14-0 (+16 units)

    NBA: 15-20-1 (-28 units):puke:

    NFL: 7-9-1 (+4 units)


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      Lay off it, JMO, Good Luck


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        Bulls have to be favored....they are a 25-9 home team facing a 15-14 road team. The Nuggets are hot, or they would likely be dogged 5 or 6. The Bulls have lost 2 in a row, but are very capable of covering the number, IMO. 6 of the Bulls 9 losses have come from West Conf teams...they beat the Nuggets 113-109 in Denver last meeting....
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          Because Denver is an average team.

          Same situation as Tuesday night at NJ, except that Chicago is better than NJ. Denver looked like a steal at NJ, and did cover, but barely. It turned out the line was a decent one.

          Similar situation least from my point of view.

          Also, Denver blowing out Chicago, or even beating them by 10+ on their home floor is very unlikely IMO, which leavs them winning a close game, or losing on a last second shot as the only real options to cover +3....while the odds of Chicago handling Denver by a larger margin are more likely.

          If Denver was favored in this game, it would probably be the worst line of the season. Every sharp from here to China would be on Chicago.

          Again, just how I see it.


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            I agree with almost everything Stif said...but to me it's either a Bulls-3, or Nuggets ml type play. If the Nuggets do win, it will be because the Bulls just didn't show. Conversely IMO if the Bulls win they do it rather easily.....I am starting to consider about a play on the Bulls- they have only lost b2b home games once this year (Rockets & NJ)
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              wsox08's NBA Thursday

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              Overall Records

              Each play is to win the # of units posted unless it's a dog then I'm betting that amount.


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                GL tonight


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                  Bulls are strong at home, and the Nuggets are running at 0.500 for the season on the road.

                  If the true odds are Bulls -154 then they'll win ~60% of the time. This is about right in my estimation.