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NBA wedz with flmmkrz

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  • NBA wedz with flmmkrz

    Raptors +3 @ -115 to win 4 units

    Looking for Bosh to dominate tonight.

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    how the **** do I end up on the other side of these bull**** games time after time, its mind boggling.

    Toronto should've been money but the raps go ice cold for 16 points in the 4th quarter. Bibby hits a huge 3 to send it to overtime when the raps could've fouled him but elected to let him shoot. Then with the game winner Ford puts the rock in but we see over and over on replays that the timers table starts the clock early and instead of a win with .1 remaining, it's just misses by .1 second. To ot where atlanta picks up where they left off and drains every 3 they attempt.

    What happened to blow outs, give me a loss that way anytime, these should be wins that end up with fishy finishes are too much.