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EdwardHaney NBA Saturday (04/19/08)

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  • EdwardHaney NBA Saturday (04/19/08)


    1 UNIT PLAYS: 45-40-2 (+1.00 UNITS)
    2 UNIT PLAYS: 2-1-0 (+1.80 UNITS)
    3 UNIT PLAYS: 1-0-0 (+3.00 UNITS)

    The NBA Playoffs are here! Has there ever been a crazier bracket than what we have in the Western Conference? The playoffs have been extremely profitable for me in the past so hopefully this year is more of the same. I'm coming into it 8-0 and 16-2-1. Here's what I think about some of the 1st round matchups.

    Denver/Los Angeles

    This one will be all Lakers. Denver might win 1, but this is the only sure thing in the West's opening round. Denver won't win in LA, and LA can beat the Nuggets in Denver. I just think it will be tough for Denver to get wins in this series.

    New Orleans/Dallas

    Dallas hasn't been right lately, but I think this will be the trendy upset pick. The only edge they have is in experience. People are having a hard time accepting New Orleans as a powerhouse. They were in first at the All-Star Break and people thought they would fall off during the 2nd half. It didn't happen. I like New Orleans to win this series. Chandler and Stojakovic have both had good games in the playoffs with old teams. Experience won't matter until the later rounds anyways IMO. I'll take the Hornets to advance.

    San Antonio/Phoenix

    Are you kidding me? These teams meet earlier every year. The Suns traded for Shaq for this series. Since the trade they've been able to beat the Spurs (but nobody else, ha). As my favorite team, I'd love to see Phoenix advance. If they had the home court advantage I would take them without much question. It's gonna be a pretty tall order to win this series with San Antonio having the home court advantage. This series will be sick. My prediction - Phoenix finds a way. I don't know how or why, but the Suns will march on.


    Another sick series. Who is going to be the first to pick up a road win, if anyone? Houston is poised right now. Scola is playing like a monster. I went out to the season finale and was once again impressed by their attitude and the atmosphere in the Toyota Center. The Rockets are hungry and McGrady has to get out of the first round eventually. This could be the time. Utah will have a legit chance to be the 1 seed next year, but I predict the Rockets to advance in 7 (or 5, if they can steal one in Utah). Even if Utah gets 4 tries, they won't win in Houston, it's just not happening.


    The only sweep in the playoffs is going to occur in this series. I don't think a series could get much more lop-sided. What is Atlanta doing in the playoffs?


    Philly has played the Pistons tight this season. This won't be a walk-over, but I don't see Detroit getting ousted this early. This is not the easiest matchup for Detroit, but it's also not the hardest. Detroit rolls on, no problem.


    On paper this could be a very good series. I don't have a great read on this series but I'm going to pick Orlando to advance. Toronto is a pesky little team and this matchup features the two great young big men in the Eastern Conference.


    Cleveland wins. Period.
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    Houston -1 -110

    I might still play San Antonio too.


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      GL Haney.... agree with both :thumbs:
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...