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  • wow...the hawks...

    no matter what the hell happens for the rest of this series, it's been great to see atlanta finally playing some good ball on a national's been a loooooong time since that's happened...not invested in them financially or anything, and no i'm not jumping on the bandwagon...lifelong laker fan here....but been in atlanta for almost 20 years, and haven't seen this much excitement since the dominique days...nobody, and i mean nobody thought they could win 2 games in this series..hell, most people, myself included thought they'd get swept....and damn...the home crowd has been great for the hawks...i've been to a few games to phillips arena and never seen that place that lively unless the crowd's cheering for the other team.....ok...a mod can now move this to the dumpster........can the hawks be the warriors of this years playoffs???:hide:

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    Nope, but it has been exciting though...
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    To the new season :beerbang:


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      Congrats on your Lakers, I knew they would sweep. Heads are gonna roll.
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