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~~ BIFF'S NBA - OCT. 31st ~~

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  • ~~ BIFF'S NBA - OCT. 31st ~~

    Good start last night with the Hornets winning outright in fine fashion in Phoenix. Tonight I think I have another small dog that is going to win outright. Denver w/o Melo is not a scary offense. I hope Camby can hobble on the court to smack the Nugs with a loss, because you know he wants to. I see a solid Clipps team that had a bad shooting night against a high-powered home team vs. a Denver team that is going to be missing it's former rebound machine a lot this season. Still small until I get up $500.


    *$110 to win $100

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    "Half of life is luck... the other half is discipline..."

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    That was a horrible second half performance by the Clips. :ohman: Get em' tmw biff!!
    NBA: About evenish

    1 Unit = $50

    To the new season :beerbang:


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      Well tampa... it was a crap 2nd half because they can't win w/o Baron. Nasty spill he took in the 2nd quarter. If he stays in the game they win. Jason Hart is a **** replacement. Bad break, he'll likely be out a few days at least I bet.
      "Half of life is luck... the other half is discipline..."