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NBA friday with flmmkrz

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  • flmmkrz
    started a topic NBA friday with flmmkrz

    NBA friday with flmmkrz

    havent been posting cause I usually suck at the association and just play for my amusement but my capping is showing better results as of late so betting it with my usual stakes now and seeing how it goes for a little bit. Tail at your own risk...

    Knicks +6 @ -106 to win 1 unit

    Pacers +9 @ -108 to win 1 unit

    Spurs -6 @ -110 to win 1 unit

    Nuggs -1 @ +100 x 1 unit

    Clippers +6 @ -110 to win 1 unit

    Parlay for fun:

    NO ml x knicks +6 x Pistons ml xPacers +9 x Spurs ml x Nuggs -1 x Clip +6 x CBJ/Mon u5.5 (nhl) x 20 bucks: paysout 1082

  • flmmkrz
    Parkers injury messed up that Spurs game otherwise it coulda been a better night. All in all I turned a profit so cant complain too much.

    Knicks + 1 unit
    Pace + 1 unit
    Nuggs + 1 unit

    Clip - 1.1 units
    Spurs -1.1 units

    -20 bucks on the parlay

    in total + .7 units up.

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