i havent been betting on football this year really at all since early in season, ive been working alot and decided to wait for bball wen i'll have a more solid bankroll and im working less hours so i have more time on my hands.. im here for the long grind of the season tho, cant wait for college bball

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MAGIC-10 vs wiz- looking for the blowout here, the magic have held big leads in each of their last 2 games only to let teams back in it, if they get up like that this game i think they;ll be extra focused to keep the pressure on. wiz on back to back, tho they're desparate for their first win i dont think they get it here, i watched them last night vs the knicks and their defense is awful and they dont shoot the 3 effectively, looking for the magic to pull away at some point.

gl :thumbs: