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NBA friday with flmmkrz

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  • NBA friday with flmmkrz

    up yesterday after being down a bit of juice the couple days prior hopefully can build on that today and I like a bunch of plays.

    Nets +4 @ -108 to win 2 units

    Nets have enough scoring to keep this close, they should outrebound the hawks and are at home. I'll take a shot with the points.

    Jazz -3.5 @ -110 to win 2 units

    Tough call here but Jazz will play their trademark tough d with whatever personnel they have in and seem to be able to plug and play without missing a beat. I dont think the cats are good enough to cope with the loss of jrich.

    Nuggs +10 @ -110 to win 3 units

    Utter collapse in the 2nd half of last nights game but I like them to bounce back tonight. The nuggs can score and they have the athletes to keep up on the boards.

    Houston/SA u173 @ -110 to win 2 units

    No manu, no parker, no alston. Nobody to push the ball upcourt quickly but plenty of guys who can play tough d and alter shots not to mention bang and get boards.

    Phoenix -3 @ -110 to win 2 units

    Another tough call as the suns seem to be missing a lot of key players but sac without Martin. The kings are playing tough at home and solidly without Martin but they've played a pistons team that has questions and lost by more than 3 and beat a bad clippers team without him. In a game they'll need to trade baskets having your best scorer out is going to be a problem especially since they'll have little to no answer for Shaq and Amare.

    Lakeshow -9.5 to win 2 units

    Pistons just aren't playing well enough to handle the lakers in LA. which leads me to my other play

    Lakers/Pistons u195 @ -110 to win 2 units

    Lopsided victory for the lakers, they can play tough d they rebound well and they make life tough on other teams and the pistons are finding themselves with AI, this should stay under easily.

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    GL FLMM! Agree with most :thumbs:
    Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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      not a great day:

      Nets won + 2 units

      overestimated the Jazz -2.16 units

      Nuggs were money + 3 units

      Houston/SA under cruises + 2 units

      Phoenix just had nothing from half time on, in hindsight both undermanned teams were probably better off being half time plays where the lack of bench wouldn't have been as big an issue. Would've been a split instead of 2 losses - 2.2 units

      Lakers game was a pisser, they didn't show up most of the game and instead of just fading away they decide to try mount a comeback and push the game over, it had a nice under pace going to that point. -4.2 units

      -1.56 units for the day

      totals aren't my friends in bball.