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~~ BIFF'S NBA - FEB. 27th ~~

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  • ~~ BIFF'S NBA - FEB. 27th ~~

    Last night I snoozed on the Cougs in the 2nd half and then got dealt a push in the final 2 seconds of the game on 2 points from a 1 and 1. So be it.

    Nellie said Crawford has the night off. Turiaf, Mon-tay, and Machete Maggette are all banged up. Sounds like one of the rare nights it's a slower game with some bad shooting. Bobcats rarely touch triple digits on the road, and up against a youthful Warriors team tonight, the odds are good both stay in double digits I think. It could also ran 3's all night. It's however you see it.

    Good luck tonight. :thumbs:

    1% TOTAL = BOBCATS @ WARRIORS - UNDER 208 (-130)

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    "Half of life is luck... the other half is discipline..."

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    wow...that total was getting smoked after 3.....4th quarter looks like you might actuallyhave a chance at it....not often you hope for under 33 points in a quarter to hit a total and you might get it...:thumbs:
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      I'd be willing to bet that was the most points Charlotte has scored in the 1st half of any road game this year. 61 points... insane amount for them. Hard to win an under when those types of points are achieved early on. Changed the Warriors gameplan I feel. Oh well, 1st loss in 2 weeks that was by more than 1 point. Let's move along to some college hoops today and keep climbing out of that hole.
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      "Half of life is luck... the other half is discipline..."


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        I was watching the game and they said 61 was the most for Charlotte for any half this season. Glad I went with the OVER in that game...the only one I hit last night.
        It sounded like a good idea at the time...