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Mike Brown vs. Stan Van Gundy

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  • Mike Brown vs. Stan Van Gundy

    Mike Brown needs to be canned!!! I've never seen a team get so thoroughly dominated in each 2nd half of a series like this before. What is going on here? Cavs come out and own the Magic in each first half and then get doubly owned in the 2nd half. Mike Brown, are you alive?? What exactly are you saying to your team at the half?

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    adjustments. He just doesnt make any.

    most competent coaches dont need the half to make adjustments much less, should be able to do it on the fly when teams are making runs or you see something you don't like

    pick and roll? defend that, deny Howard the ball in the post.

    matchups? on the last play in 4Q, Ben Wallace an interior D big man (who's slipped precipitously btw) on a perimeter guy (Lewis) who not only is just as tall if not taller, but has the speed and quick release to shoot over Wallace, dunno what Brown was thinking there.

    in fact dunno how he even got COY, I know they have best record, MVP blah blah blah,but that MVP should be indicative of the record, not the coach or vice versa.

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