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Finals game 1

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  • Finals game 1

    37-31 (+8.30 units)

    Orlando +6 for gm
    Orlando/LA under 102.5 1st half

    2 units each

    Orlando ml +240 for gm
    Orlando +3.5 -105 1st half

    1 unit each

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    Have the same picks. GL! :thumbs:


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      38-34 (+6 units)

      Game 2:

      Orlando +7

      4 units

      Orlando ml +265
      Orlando series +400

      1 unit each


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        Congrats on Cover of Magic in a Game they Should have One...Shoulda...Coulda...Woulda...BOL Rest of the Way..STIF...!!
        Lo there do I See my Father.....Lo there do I See my Mother.....and My Sisters and My Brothers... Lo there do I See the Line of My People Back to the Beginning...Lo they do Call to Me...They Bid Me...Take My Place Among Them...In The Halls of VALHALLA...Where the Brave...May Live...FOREVER..!!


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          nice hit on the magic in game 2. I see they are -4 for game 3 in orlando. Vegas is really telling us who they like there:thumbs:


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            Yea, the game loss hurt. Not only did i miss out on the +265 winner, but also the +400 series price is going to be nearly impossible to cash now too.

            Glad to cash the +7 though :beerbang:


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              39-35 (+9 units)

              Pending: Magic +400 to win the series for 1 unit


              Magic -4

              2 units

              Actually, from a line perspective, I don't like this one as much as I did the +7 in game 2, but still it's good enough of a line for me to make it a regular sized play.

              As stupid as it sounds, if this had been -6 or so i would have put 4+ units on it with confidence that the books felt Orlando would win going away....and had it been like -1 or -2, i would have avoided it, thinking the books were looking to sucker in Magic money as a small fave.

              Good teams in must win home games are normally good plays in the NBA playoffs though, so I am still playing the -4.

              I also still feel like the books think Orlando has a shot to win this series. Even after they lost game 2, the series price went from +400 to +500 for Orlando at, where I made my original series wager. If the books felt like LA was a sure thing, they wouldn't be still giving them away at anything less than -1500, imho....yet I could get the Lakers to win the series at just -655 at 5 Dimes right this minute?

              I mean seriously, they could jack this series price as high as they wanted right now to avoid any further beating on the Lakers. Who would get down big on Orlando at just +1000 or so if they made the Lakers -1500?

              But they didn't, so that must mean either they like Orlando's chances, or, are afraid someone would get down big, not referring to public players.

              Who knows, but to me it seems awful cheap for a play that, according to the NBA, will historically win 94.1 percent of the time.....
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                I think I'm going with the Magic ML tonight, they should win. The only thing I worry about with these guys is whether they are mentally tough enough to come back knowing that they should have won Game 2. They are still a fairly young team who may think the series is over already.