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  • Game 5

    39-36 (+6.80 units)

    Magic -3.5

    2.2 units

    Could have gotten this at -2.5. Better not land on 3.

    The reason for the 2.2 units instead of 2 is just to get to exactly 9 units if this play wins. I have the 1 unit pending for Orlando +400 series, which is obviously going to lose because they time and again cannot function properly to win games they should win, as in having about 20 1st half turnovers against LAL last game and still leading by double digits at the half. Had they had just half of whatever they had by half, they would have had that game all but out of reach by the half, and not in a position to give up their lead in a matter of minutes once LA got hot to start the half. Oh, and then there's scoring 4 points in OT. That's pathetic, on anyone's watch. And missing to many free throws late. The list goes on, but it all came down to underperforming in game 4, imo.

    In any case, despite that I still believe Orlando is more talented than the Lakers, it's been that lack of toughness and execution that's been their demise. They should be 2-2 in this series, and if a little chance goes their way, they could be the ones up 3-1. But they're not, and there's nothing that they can do about it now.

    With that being said, I do think they will win tonight.....if they indeed haven't packed it in and want to go back for a game 6, which hopefully they do. Not to say LA won't try to win tonight, cause that would be a stupid statement, but if there is a place for a team to lay down just a little should things not be going their way, it would be here, with 2 games remaining to clinch at home.

    So now that i'm done with my rambling, the 2.2 units is merely because I wanted to get to 9 units, so if i can make a play on a possible game 6 and cash it, i will be at +11, minus one unit for the series play when it loses, and a total of +10 for the playoffs, which was pretty much my goal from the beginning.

    if the play tonight loses, then I still had a profitable run thru the playoffs at about +3.4 units, which still beats losing.

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    GL today Stif!
    NFL 17: 45-47-2 // 48.91% // -10.12
    MMA: 247-332-2 // 42.66% // -6.04
    MLB 17: 151-140-8 // 51.89% // +5.65 ROR // +42.13
    NCAAF 17: 63-49-2 // 56.25% // +6.80
    Updated on 01/13/18
    One of my 2018 resolutions: no more action gambling.


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      The magic suck


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        they are one of the worst lay down teams ive seen in recent years. It seems like its awfully hard ot motivate them.:puke: