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On The August 2009 WNBA Hardwood

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  • On The August 2009 WNBA Hardwood

    New York +5 -102
    o158 New York-Atlanta
    New York +202
    New York o77
    New York +2.5 1st H -106
    New York +151 1st H
    New York +1 1st Q +104
    New York +125 1st Q

    Phoenix -2 -117 (PDC)
    Phoenix o94.5
    Phoenix -1 1st Q +103

    Connecticut +119
    Connecticut o73
    Connecticut +112 1st H

    Sacramento -3 -109
    Los Angeles u71.5
    Sacramento -1.5 1st H
    Sacramento -1 1st Q

    Seattle -6.5
    Seattle -290
    Seattle o73.5
    Seattle -3.5 1st H -111
    Seattle -210 1st H
    Seattle -2 1st Q -103

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    Washington PK +104 (PDC)


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      San Antonio +3 +100

      Seattle -3 -111 (PDC)
      o172 Phoenix-Seattle -105


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        Chicago +7 +110 (PDC)

        u151.5 Chicago-Indiana -105

        Indiana u79.5

        Chicago +315

        Chicago +4 1st H

        Chicago +213 1st H

        Chicago +2 1st Q -109

        Chicago +145 1st Q



        San Antonio -4 -111

        Seattle +2.5 -105


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          Connecticut +110 1st H


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            Seattle -6.5 -113
            Seattle -289
            o140.5 New York-Seattle
            Seattle o74
            New York o67
            Seattle -3.5 1st H -106
            Seattle -219 1st H
            Seattle -1.5 1st Q -105

            Phoenix -4 -105
            Phoenix -2 1st H -105
            Phoenix -1 1st Q -109


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              Phoenix -3 2nd H
              Phoenix -185 2nd H

              Seattle -2 2nd H -105
              o71 New York-Seattle 2nd H -105


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                Seattle -6.5 -105 (GOTY)

                I have been waiting on this game since July 20th of last year.

                From that thread:

                "Sorry for Seattle's performance. I should have known better & throwing in the coaching change in Washington. However I come out of this game with a circle game for next season.

                There is one thing to win a game big, but it is totally different to be classless about it. I have wanted to see the Mystics franchise do well as they have a strong fan base, ownership, & a strong core. However with saying that, I am disgusted at what I saw & I'm not saying this just because the Storm are my favorite team.

                There was absolutely NO reason for the Mystics to have their starters in the game late in the 4th Q. I could even argue that they had no business playing the entire 4th as Seattle waved the white flag before the 4th even started.

                This was the same bs I saw when the Celtics routed the Lakers to win the title. Although I found the big 3 being in there towards the end, I could somewhat understand better that today's game. Today's game was just a regular season game yet everyone is celebrating like they won something big.

                I'll tell you this, the Storm are notorious for paying back really bad losses even if it has to come the following season. I only hope they get the Mystics at the Key first as I will unload on them big."

                Time to pay back that 32 point loss they suffered without LJ last year. They should double the # easily.


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                  Seattle -266

                  Seattle o74

                  Seattle -3 1st H

                  Seattle -199 1st H

                  Seattle -1.5 1st Q -106


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                    Extremely annoyed at no ML being put up anywhere. However...

                    Seattle +3.5 2nd H