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    I tend to believe what he has to say. It sort of seems like the Canseco book where nobody wants to believe it, so at first they don't, and then through time just about everything he says will be vindicated. This is just sad, especially for people whom wager on sporting events. Fixing, or even altering of games can swing a spread ever so slightly one way or the other. I had a friend that played division-I sports and had an ex-mafia member come to speak to their team as part of his sentencing. He had to go to universities to alert student-athletes to the dangers of gambling and all sorts of other situations. He played baseball, so he wasn't effected by it, but they all had to go. Anyway, the guy tells a detailed story about them giving money to a QB at a major university for a few weeks, without asking for anything in return. The kid being poor accepted the cash and thought nothing of it. Then they came to him with the names and locations of his family members, etc. and a request for him to throw a game against the spread. So it's there, whether we want to believe it or not. Anyway, to the book:

    Excerpts From The Book The NBA Doesn't Want You To Read - Tim Donaghy - Deadspin

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    of course it's all true......that Sacramento series was as fixed as anything i've ever seen....just go back and look at the calls in game6 of that series.......

    i mean does it really's not real basketball get like 200 steps...guys get from the 3 point line to the basket without dribbling.....superstars get all the can move the ball to half court after a timeout.....i can't believe they ever got rid of the 3 to make 2 foul shooting deal......i thought they might go the other way and add like an MTV 20 point shot at a 32 foot high basket....:thumbs:
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !