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Friday 10/30

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  • Friday 10/30

    8-5 +4.80

    Dr J -6.5

    Philly a good team imo who just ran into a buzzsaw Magic team in their opener. I think they bounce back and handle what should amount to an average at best MILW squad tonight at home.

    Charlotte's Web -1.5

    Until the Knicks play a little D to go with that up tempo game, they won't win too many road games. Charlotte another team who i think has value today because they ran into a Boston team who is on a mission in their first game, and will put it together tonight and beat a bad Knicks team who went 12-29 on the road last year and I see no real reason they should be any better there this year.

    Memphis Gracelands +2

    Lots of young talent here. I almost always give this team a shot as a home dog. Lets see if the new look Craptors can bring it on the road unlike previous versions....

    Lebrons -12.5

    Here we go again with these douches as a huge public road fave. But the line seems to suggest more of a "should cover" situation tonight. TOR at home > Minny at home, and bottom line for me is this is a team the Lebrons should be able to handle if they bring their best effort, which at 0-2 i can't see them NOT doing.

    Sacramento Queens +11.5

    The Hornets blow. Even the terrible Queens should be able to compete with them. What a ****fest.

    Detroit PISSons -5

    I really like this up and coming Okla City team, but, they were woeful on the road last year at 8-33, and while I'm sure that will level out a little as they keep getting better and more experienced (it took CLE quite a while into the Lebron era to win consistently on the road, for example), I don't think going to DET and playing the PISSons in their home opener, after having just won a nice home opener themselves is the world's best spot for this team.

    AMC Pacers -1.5

    Not sold on Miami as basically a road pick em just because they beat an awful Knicks team.

    Utah Jizz -8.5

    Utah always beats up on the Clips at home. Why would tonight be any different? As a Clippers fan I guess I can hope they show some promise this year, but the reality says Utah should win by DD tonight, which really isn't asking all that much in the NBA...

    2 units each

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    stiflermoms- GL!........quick question, DRJ the ABA Nets or the Sixers...:laughing:......:hide:
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !