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Wed 11/4

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  • Wed 11/4

    ****bag Jizz turn 4-3 into 3-4 last night :puke:

    22-18 +4.60

    Wiz -2

    Like the home team to bounce back here. MIA not as good as their 3-1 start would indicate, imo, with wins over the brutal Knicks and Pacers, and a home win over the Bull****s who are never very great on the road.

    Mickey Mouse -8

    Oddsmakers telling you who they like here making an undefeated team nearly a DD dog, imo, plus Lang is on Phoenix, which finalized my decision.

    CRAPtors -8

    Letdown spot for Detroit. I mean really, beat the Magic SU and now you're a +8 or more dog in your next game at TOR? Oddsmaker opinion again, and probably a big reason Motown won last night anyway was because Howard was in foul trouble. Still no Rip Hamilton and Prince out again too, which often catches up to a team on the second game the player is out rather than the first. I don't think they have enough firepower to compete with the CRAPtors tonight without those guys.

    NJ Nots +9

    Not much reason to take the ****ty 0-4 Nots over the 4-0 Stink Nuggets on the surface, but hey, my hockey parlay buddy is on Denver "big" because "Denver is rolling". Good reasoning indeed. This is an "easy W" according to him. Oh, and Lang is on Denver too. So I guess I have no choice but to back a team I think is complete **** and see if they can't pull a shocker tonight. Nots it is.

    Timberwimps +12

    This just looks trappy. I mean why isn't this +16 or +17, or more? Boston rules and Minnesota sucks. My hero is on Boston too. They're "money in the bank". Guess I am stuck with the ****ty Timberwimps too.

    LA Lakers -2

    Lakers are 0-4 ATS, and Houston has been surprisingly good so far. I think both of those things change tonight. Trevor Ariza is gonna carry the Cock Rockets against his old team? I've read that as people's reasoning for taking Houston. Yea ok. I'm guessing Trevor won't be taking over the game and carrying them to victory, especially with good defenders Artest and/or Kobe (I assume that might be who defends him) all over him all night. If that happens, then Trevor is more of a player than I thought he was, and I'll just lose.

    Dallas +4

    I might be the sucker here siding with the public and taking Dallas a dog, but I think the Hornets BLOW and are a heartless team that folds like a cheap tent anytime a decent team applies some pressure. IMHO Dallas is the far better team, and barring a letdown from their big comeback last night (which SHOULDN'T happen because this is an ESPN game), they should win this game.

    Sacramento Queens +6

    Don't look now, but the Queens are actually playing with a little enthusiasm this year. Don't get me wrong, they're still probably not gonna be very good, but they're giving it a real nice effort. Kevin Martin is the real deal, and I could see Atlanta being a little sluggish tonight facing a team they "should beat" on back to back roadies, and having beaten the team they "should have lost to" already last night.

    Golden Shower -6

    I'm just picking the game winner here and if i'm right, thinking the spread winner will follow, as it seems that it often does in NBA, much like NFL....

    2 units each

    NJ Nots ml +370
    Dallas ml +155
    Sacramento Queens ml +215

    1 unit each
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    Like the plays...and the writeups. Good luck! :beerbang:


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      Hey Stiff. At first glance the Lakers and Boston lines seem shady, but they're really not.

      Yes, Minnesota sucks, but they are 3-1 ATS this year, and catching double digits at home. That line really isn't that shady in my opinion.

      The Lakers and Rockets line as you pointed out is about right. I expected the Lakers to be giving 4 or less sooner or later after their 0-4 ats start to the year.

      Love this forum, cuz usually I'm on the same picks as most here. We all think alike :thumbs:
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        What's "Lang"?