Brandon Lang

That is exactly what I get going against the Colts.

A team that had been so good to me all year long, and I fade them because I let the number dictate the play.

After getting destroyed by the Jags at San Francisco I told myself I would never touch the Jags again and then I try to be objective about the game and use them anyway.

Fact of the matter is they aren't a playoff team. Simple as that.

The game last night wasn't the Colts versus the Jags. It was Peyton Manning versus David Garrard and guess who won?

Enough said.

I learned my final lesson involving the Jags and although it was a very tough lesson to learn and it cost me 30 dimes to learn it, at least I finally learned it.

And to add insult to injury, I end up going to the game and sit next to Reggie Wayne's mom and dad after using the Jags +3 1/2.

Talk about a new definition of the word agony.

Now to Friday.

10 DIME - LA CLIPPERS - Finally healthy, the Clippers are ready to make a move.

With Chris Kaman and Baron Davis playing together at full strength, I've always said this could be a dangerous ballclub.

They come off a flat-out rout of the Timberwolves 120-95 as a 1-point underdog, and now look to keep that momentum here against the Knicks.

New York comes in off a 4th quarter meltdown versus the Bulls on the road last night leading by 3 at the end of 3 only to get outscored 29-17 in the 4th for the 9 point loss.

Considering the new energy this Clipper team is playing with and the Knicks struggling last night, solid play here with the road dog that is rested and ready for the bright lights of the Garden.

10 DIME - CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE MATADORS -What was Bruiser Flint thinking dragging his Drexel team 3,000 miles from Philly to play Cal State Northridge?

I will tell you what he was thinking: Warm weather for my kids.

Well warm weather or not, this is a bad spot for Drexel as this Northridge team is playing very well as of late covering 4 of their last 5 with the non-cover being a 7 point loss at Denver catching 6 1/2.

Drexel has played 6 of their 11 games on the road so they are road tested, but they just don't have the offense to match this up tempo style of Northridge nor do they have the depth to keep up as well.

Contrast of styles as Drexel will want to slow it down while Cal State Northridge will want to speed it up and in this case I will back the hometeam who will be well rested, well acclimated with no jet lag to worry about.

Cal State Northridge is the play.

10 DIME- MONTANA STATE BOBCATS - Like the way this Brad Huse squad is building momentum for this squad this year.

They returned 4 starters from last year and including leading scorer Will Bynum and have already faced Nevada, Southern Miss, Oregon and Memphis.

That will bode well as they step down, way down to face this Cal Santa Barbara team at home in Bozeman.

The Gauchos also return 4 starters and they to are playing some pretty good basketball but they have not played near the schedule this Montana State team has.

I mean, Cal State University Los Angeles, Weber State, Loyola Marymount, Santa Clara and San Diego State.

Not exactly stepping up to get things going out of conference now are we?

I am going to roll with Montana State tonight with some good value at home and look for their early season tough schedule to pay off mightly tonight.

Playing Montana State