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Tommy Gold's NBA 2009.12.22 Picks

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    started a topic Tommy Gold's NBA 2009.12.22 Picks

    Tommy Gold's NBA 2009.12.22 Picks

    Philadelphia 76ers @ Washington Wizards: Over 206 -110 (1.91) The Greek

    Sixiers have adopted a faster game, moving one men of the frontcourt to the bench in exchange for a guard. The results finnaly appear, and after a 11 losing games streak, they finnally won some games and are fighting with the mininum conviction to. Washington are going thru a bad moment, with 1-7 in last 8 games. The teams is under some questions because they have 3 all stars finnally playing togehter and some young that are showing a good improvment, however the results still missing. But today, we will have a game between Sixiers, a team that is starting to play a a kind of run and gun, and Wizards, a team that have great scorer, but is not a good defender. Due to the rumors of trades, I believe that the Wizards players will try to show all they know to try a trade to a good team.

    Detroit Pistons @ Charlotte Bobcats: Charlotte Bobcats -5 -110 (1.91) The Greek

    Even without Wallace and with Jackson leaving the game after half game played, Charlotte gived a good responde in their last game on NY. Even without these 2 players, key players, the team suffered from an last minutes inspiration of Gallinari and and lack of accuracy in those minutes. Today, the team should be ok again to play, and I expect a blowout win.

    Detroit is sufering big problems. They are playing a bad basketball, but it seems unlike to improve it for now, as they got all their best players with problems. Some of those players will not play, other, like Villanueva and Bynum, will play with pains. Without Villanueva in the frontcourt, Ben Wallace doesn't have the age to stand in the paint and make something. Villanueva will probably play, but like he said, he got sharp pains during any step he make. So, it will be hard to make a good performance. Something with Bynum, and that will leave Stuckey alone and without any credible rotation.

    Charlotte is a great defender particulary at home, and will keep saying that after the trades, they had improved their offense to join their good defense. And that's the truth. Facing a broken team is a game easy to play for team, and Detroit haven't any argue to even try to fight for this game.

    Atlanta Hawks vs Minnesota Timberwolves: Minnesota Timberwolves -110 (1.91) Bookmaker & Minnesota Timberwolves ML +375 (4.75) The Greek

    Atlanta is playing a great game, giving blowout losses for those they hosted. However, on the road the conversation is differente. They are not able to smash the opponents as well as they do at home. They are 7-5 on the road, but for example, they lost 2 games in last 4 road game in Detroit and in Chicago. Against desperate teams. Their edge is usually on their big and atlethic frontcourt, with Joe Johnson dishing or scoring points behind. However, Johson made 40 points last game in Chicago, but it wasn't enough to give Atlanta a win. So, this roadtrip they will end only few days after christmas, didn't start well.

    Minnesota will probably have Gomes again today. He is probable, and after Love returned from his injurie, this team had a great improvment. They are 9-3 ATS in their last 12 games, and in their last 5 home games they only lost one game without a chance, as they won 2, lost 1 by 1 point and another by 2 points.

    Timberwolves have concentration and the will to win today SU. It will not be easy, but this is a real chance, as they strong enough to hold Atlanta frontcourt, and have two great and motivated guards behing. Atlanta is losing some "gas" when facing teams that give their blood in the field to try their chances, and on the road, they are not so strong. Johson could be again their hero today, as they will have troubles in frontcourt, but its unlikely to happen, as he already made a great performance last game, and it's hard to expect another performance as his last.

    NBA 2009.12.21 results:

    Milwaukee Bucks @ Indiana Pacers: Indiana Pacers -1.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (81-84: LOSS)
    Milwaukee Bucks @ Indiana Pacers: Over 198.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (81-84: LOSS)
    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Phoenix Suns: Phoenix Suns -2.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (91-109: LOSS)
    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Phoenix Suns: Over 209.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (91-109: LOSS)

    NBA 2009.12.21 finished 0-4 and -4 units lost/4 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009/2010 Handicaps and Totals Record: 82-58-1 (+16.66 units won/140 units risked)

    NBA 2009/2010 Moneylines Record: 13-14 (+4.9 units won/27 units risked)

    NBA 2009/2010 Pointspreads and Totals L10 Days Tracker: 23-13-1 and +7.97 units won/36 units risked.
    NBA 2009.12.21 finished 0-4 and -4 units lost/4 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.20 finished 2-1-1 and +0.82 units won/3 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.19 finished 0-2 and -2 units lost/2 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.18 finished 4-1 and +2.60 units won/5 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.17 finished 2-0 and +1.86 units won/2 units risked on point spreads and totals.

    NBA 2009.12.16 finished 4-0 and +3.64 units won/4 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.15 finished 3-1 and +1.73 units won/4 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.14 finished 3-2 and +0.73 units won/5 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.13 finished 2-0 and +1.82 units won/2 units risked on point spreads and totals.
    NBA 2009.12.12 finished 3-2 and +0.77 units won/5 units risked on point spreads and totals.

  • TommyGold
    Golden State Warriors @ Memphis Grizzlies: Memphis Grizzlies -7.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker

    Golden State are a team that base their game on run and gun style. They got great scorers, but in the frontcourt they have no advantage right now because of their injuries. They still have great scorer behind the arc, however isn't enough when they face teams that are concentrated. They are now dealing with that injuries, but it's probable that after Christmas they will have the return of their 2 best players in the frountcourt. So, they probably will be real and only target a game to return to victories after Christmas. This team is 1-9 in their last 10 games and have several trade rumors, as Maggete isn't appreciated by the fans anymore, even knowing he his a great scorer. The truth is that this team can make bug surprises, however they have to face teams that think the game is won before the start.

    Today they will face Grizzlies, a team that is improving a lot game after game, with a solid team from front to back. This will be their last game before Christmas, and are coming from great wins at home, which will probably be a great boost to their confidence. Memphis are much better now, with high control of the games, as they are can combine a good offense with a great rebounders, either in defense and offense. It will probably enough to manage today game against a no-confident team.

    CORRECTION: besides Minnesota Timberwolves ML +375 (4.75) The Greek, I'm also on Minnesota Timberwolves +9 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker

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