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Tommy Gold's NBA 2010.02.21 Picks

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  • Tommy Gold's NBA 2010.02.21 Picks

    NBA 2010.02.21 first pick:

    Boston Celtics @ Denver Nuggets

    Boston will play their fourth game after the break. They traded House and Giddeons for Nate Robinson, but he will miss today game. So, there will be lack of good Guards for rotation, something not good when you are playing your fourth road game in six days. Even thinking that Boston had improved their defense and won the last 3 games, there were some difficulties to win against Sacramento, won obly by 1 against a Lakers without Kobe, and then, had a massive win in Portland a against a debil an inconsistence team. So, they are not so good as it seems to be dogs only by 2 ball possessions against one of the hottest teams.

    Denver had a ridiculous loss in Wizards, after a huge win in Cleveland. They are 23-5 at home, and with the upset they had last game, they will not make easy todays game against Celtics. They know that they are in a better shape offensively, and at home, even the best defense have problems do defend them. With Anderson back tonight, the frontcourt of the Nuggets will have enough power to face the powerfull frontcourt that Celtics have. They should won this contest confortable.

    Pick: Denver Nuggets -4.5 -110 (1.91) The Greek

    *One unit each always.

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    i like it

    Gonna tail you here

    Boston is old ... Allen, Garnett, Pierce all over the hill geezers

    Seriously though this does seem like a good spot and i'm gonna risk a unit on the NUGGS

    good luck to you and good luck to me ...

    Good Write up :thumbs:
    Keep em in the hole, Down in the hole


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      Many thanks BUNK MORELAND! :thumbs:


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        NBA 2010.02.21 more 2 picks:

        Memphis Grizzlies @ New Jersey Nets

        Somehow, the Nets seems unable to score more than 90 points at home. They are worst at hoem than on road, where they can aliviate the tension that supporters give them. Isn't easy to bet the team with the worst record, specially when the team is breaking some bad records. With Jianlian out, only Brook Lopez will be able to try stop the great frontcourt that Memphis have.

        Memphis can score very easily, and will have to take today opportunitie to turn things, as they are not in a good moment. With Randolph and Gasol making this team being the best team scoring in the paint, and well supported by the players behind the line, will not be this team to hold them.

        Pick: Memphis Grizzlies -6 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker

        Houston Rockets @ New Orleans Hornets

        Houston made important trades, and if we think that T-mac weren't helping the team in the last months, were positive trades, as they lost an important player like Landry, but he have enough players to compensate, and won a all star player ang big scorer with Kevin Martin. Yesterday, and after they were leading by more than 10 points at half time, they lost the game. The team needs time to sync, and the first match is always hard, and they payed that proce high because they were playing against a run and gun team.

        It's true that without Ming, they are a little bit soft in the paint, but they can a faster game, and will get more accuracy with K. Martin playing. Hornets are without CP3, the key of their win against Houston at home 21 days ago by 4 points. Despite they have big players, they are a little bit soft to. The team it's more lazy than Rockets, and today Rockets will dominate easily this game, as they have the edge behind the arc, and can be a little bit better in defense as well.

        Pick: Houston Rockets ML +115 (2.15) The Greek

        *One unit each always.


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          NBA 2010.02.21 fourth pick:

          Atlanta Hawks @ Golden State Warriors

          In January Warriors won at home to Atlanta with 223 overall points scored. In December, Atlanta won at home against Warriors and 214 points were scored. Atlanta knows that on road their defense is not so strong as at home and needs to improve their offense. They have the abilitie to do it, as they have great scorers that can play a fast game, and the ex-Warriors Crawford is a bench player that keeps a high pace. They just need to score around 45%, that is their average on road, to score more than 110 against a team that makes no defense, as they can score easily for any position.

          The Warriors will have Monta back tonight and will impose their fast game. They weren't able to score lot's of points lately, as they had faced teams that forced the game to a low pace and with many mistakes for Warriors. But they were playing with several D-league players, and had lack of their "true" players. But with Monta Ellis back, the team gain a big reinforcement in scoring matter. With him back, and knowing that Atlanta easily enter and let them play their game, we can expect a huge scoring game, as there is no doubt that Atlanta will score many points, and Warriors will be able to score enough, as they will try to keep the game close.

          Pick: Over 211.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker


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            hope the Griz pound the Nets! GL tonight man!
            Nobody spins the floater better than Phil Rivers. Nobody.


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              And they did PhilRivers, and they did! Many thanks! :thumbs:

              NBA 2010.02.21 last 2 picks:

              Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers

              Blazers are passing big problems with injuries, and it seems that they are forcing Roy to return as soon as possible to try to invert the situation, as he his the franchise and best player. The team is showing some insconsitence, and bad results against the strongest and more balanced teams. Their defense are struggling lately and they acquired Camby to compensate Oden injury, but he still needs more time to get sync with his team.

              Jazz are going fantastic, and as I said last game, they are able to win even without playing well. This year they have played already two games against Blazers, and were able to win confortable, even in Portland. Deron will have a hurt Roy defending him, and will be able to do whatever they can. Jazz can also defend well, with big and great players in the paint, and can make the game as easy as Celtics did that went to Porland win by 20 points two days ago. Blazer will try to defend as good as they can, but probably will not be enough.

              Picks: Utah Jazz ML +105 (2.05) Bookmaker & Under 192.5 -110 (1.91) The Greek

              *One unit each always.


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                4-0 FULL MOON SWEEP!!!

                NBA 2010.02.21 results:

                Boston Celtics @ Denver Nuggets: Denver Nuggets -4.5 -110 (1.91) The Greek (114-105: WIN)
                Memphis Grizzlies @ New Jersey Nets: Memphis Grizzlies -6 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (94-104: WIN)
                Atlanta Hawks @ Golden State Warriors: Over 211.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (108-104: WIN)
                Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers: Under 192.5 -110 (1.91) The Greek (89-93 OT: WIN)

                NBA 2010.02.21 finished 4-0 and +3.64 units won/4 units risked on HDP & OU.
                NBA 2009/2010 HDP & OU Record: 240-178-6, +40.44 units won (418 units risked)

                NBA 2009/2010 Moneylines Record: 36-52, +4.36 units won (88 units risked)
                Houston Rockets @ New Orleans Hornets: Houston Rockets ML +115 (2.15) The Greek (102-94: LOSS)
                Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers: Utah Jazz ML +105 (2.05) Bookmaker (89-93 OT: WIN)