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Tommy Gold's NBA 2010.02.25 Picks (249-181-6, +45.63u)

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  • Tommy Gold's NBA 2010.02.25 Picks (249-181-6, +45.63u)

    NBA 2009/2010 HDP & OU Record: 249-181-6, +45.63 units won (430 units risked)
    NBA 2009/2010 Moneylines Record: 37-53, +6.61 units won (90 units risked)

    NBA 2010.02.25 final 2 picks:

    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics

    We have to be aware about recent performs that both teams had. Celtics got the lowest point of this season with 3 losses in a row. It was just after the all star break, and that means that their approach to second part of the season is not the best. For a team that have and average of 101 points per game scored, they were hold to lower number. Despite the game they loss in OT, they were hold below the 100 points mark. Even in their last game, that was a win at home against a soft defense team, they were able to score only 105 points.

    So, at this point, their offense is not working properly well. One of the causes is Mo Williams, their principal guard, that is scoring and a average below the 8 points per game after he returned from injury list, he that is one of the biggest scorers of the team. Of course that with Lebron, is hard to believe that this team can struggle offensively, but even Lebron, although we have good numbers, are not producing as much as he usual do. However, the team needs to prove that they are strong, and can easily put away bad periods, like champions have to.

    The key will be to play with more concentration, and as they will face another contenders to the title, they will have to approach this game with a huge defense and without mistakes.

    Boston has entered the second part of the season showing that they would be better than they were in the first part of the season. Lately, they were able to hold opponents offense, Sacramento, Lakers and Blazers. That's something big, as this games were all on road. Just in Denver they had a big scoring game, but Denver knew just well how to face them at home. In their last game, at home, they were able to hold NYK offense, but they didn't forced their defense, as they could be able to win just with offense. Even so, the game only had 216 points.

    Todays game will be like a playoff match. Both teams know that they will have to be able to keep some secrets and not showing all they can do, as they know that they will face each other in an advance part of the season, and the knowledge that both teams can have will be important. Even so, both teams will do whatever they can to win this match, will be focus on defense, and that's why this will be probably a game with a low pace and few points.

    Pick: Under 193.5 -110 (1.91) The Greek

    Denver Nuggets @ Golden State Warriors

    For this matchup, the Nuggets will try their first two wins in a row, and will be aware about the Warriors. The most important thing about this game, is the cirucmstance from the last time these teams played. On January 20, Denver won in OT at Golden State due to clamorous mistakes by the referees. The fair winners should be the Warriors, and they will not that game pass away from their minds so soon.

    Today, despite the absence of Maggette, among others, the team will make their best effort to get a win and revenge that game. In three NBA games this season, this is the overall score: 252; 255 and 241. Only the last one was on OT, but its pretty clear which is the gameplan that the Nuggets have. They will play the game that the Warriors want to and will try to play the 'run and gun' (all-out attack) game.

    In those conditions, the Nuggets can score very easily, as they have great scorers, such as Carmelo, but when Nuggets enter that kind of game, they also reduce their defence. But they know that they can score more than the Warriors, and that's why they will try to make this game a great show off game with lots of points. They know that if they try to decrease the pace of the game, they will risk the result, as the Warriors have lots of confidence today to win this game if it stays close.

    Pick: Over 226.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker

    *One unit each always.

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    Nice writeups. Good luck Tommy G!:beer2:


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      Many thanks Troubleduke! :thumbs: