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On The 2010 WNBA Playoff Hardwood

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  • On The 2010 WNBA Playoff Hardwood

    Seattle -11

    o150 Los Angeles-Seattle -105

    Seattle -750

    Seattle o79.5

    Seattle -6 1st H

    o72.5 Los Angeles-Seattle 1st H -105

    Seattle -360 1st H

    Seattle o39.5 1st H

    Los Angeles o33.5 1st H

    Seattle -3.5 1st Q -102

    Seattle o19.5 1st Q -115



    Seattle -850

    The price is steep but outside of an injury to LJ, there is no way they lose this series. Quite honestly, I don't think they will lose a game in the entire playoffs. The only team that could give them fits would be Indiana on the road but that is if they could score which is not a given.

    At this price, it might be something you could use as a lock in the 1st leg of a parlay if you are into that kind of stuff.

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    Seattle -5 2nd H

    Seattle -280 2nd H

    Storm take this game by double digits.