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    ALL 1 UNIT

    Pistons -2, I will believe Rasheed Wallace when he says the Pistons will really try to win game 3. He didnt Gauransheed the game like he did last year against the Cavs (Cavs won), but this Orlando team doesnt have the talent of last years Cavalier team. Don't get me wrong, Turkoglu and Hill have been playing well and I expect Arroyo to play solid minutes and Howard will definetely play better at home, but if this Pistons team is serious about a Championship this year, they should win this game, no excuses. Does sure look like a set up game, and if Orlando would win a game their best chance is game 3, but with that being said I cant go against a team as talented and as veteran as this Detriot Pistons team when they only have to cover 2 points. Most wins on the road by an Eastern Conference team.

    Pistons/Magic over 183.5

    Pistons have proven they can get what they want offensively in the halfcourt or up tempo. Howard should get his numbers today which will only help put more points up. Along with Orlando constantly turning the ball over, those are easy fastbreak points for these potent Detriot perimeter players. For 183.5 seems like a good deal...

    Suns/Lakers over 211.5

    Not touching either team on this, but I feel the Suns will bring the energy and highpowered offense in this game and the Lakers will be forced to match it from the home crowd and Kobe keeping his team in the game with his great play. Kobe should get at least 35+ in this game. Barkely said the Lakers only chance to win is play the Suns up tempo game and have Kobe take more shots in transition and get him easy baskets that way. The Lakers dont have any dominate or even good post up players, going at the Suns that way and slowing down the game will not work for the Lakers. I may be leaning towards Lakers +4 but not enough to want to bet it at this time. Tough game with how sad the Lakers players are to have to put your trust all in one man in Kobe Bryant to win you your bet.

    Jazz/Rockets over 186.5

    Expecting an up tempo game from the jazz.

    Jazz -4.5

    Personally I have felt this team is overrated from the start, but the Jazz should want this game a lot. Thats what I love about the playoffs. In certain games teams give 100%, everything they have to win the game, and this is one of those games for the Jazz.


    If anyone is with me good luck, hopefully we hit all plays. Hit hard today with Nuggets +8.5 Cavs -12 (Should have won but the Cavaliers are stupid and dont feed Drew "The Goods" Gooden the ball. 10-13 shooting, shame Lebron takes his shots from him. It is a shame someone as potent offensively as Drew Gooden is being held down by the coaching staff and Larry Hughes big contract. Common sense tells anyone who really understands the game that Drew Gooden should be the 2nd scoring option for this team. Hughes is only the 2nd scoring option because he was signed to a very large 13 million a year contract, which he has no lived up too. So what do the Cavs do? Continue to let Hughes jack up shots, and let Lebron take too many shots. If Drew Gooden was on a team that gave him starters minutes at touches at the pf position, he is easily putting up an efficient 20+ points 11 boards a night. It is a shame fans of the Nba will never know how much of a talent Drew Gooden is. Gooden can score in the fastbreak, 1on1 isolation on the perimeter faceup or backdown, 1on1posted in the block where he can turn and face with the quick jumpshot, or go to a shot which Drew Gooden has perfected as an art, his deadly babyhook shot which he is the best at in this current era of the Nba, or drive to the basket where he can use either hand to lay it off the glass or throw down some nice power dunks. He plays tough/active defense that leads to steals and deflections.
    And maybe his biggest strength is his rebounding. What this man does on the boards is truly amazing. When the Cavs are on ABC Hubie Brown has nothing but praise for Drew Gooden and his game offensively and especially his rebounding ability. Hubie Brown has called him a horse, bull, and beast before when reffering to Drew Gooden and his work on the glass. Maybe one day this man will get his chance to showcase his talents, its funny the Cavs have enough right now to win a Championship. Establish Drew offensively in these games more and he will provide efficient potent offense only opening offensive opportunites for Lebron and others. Drew Gooden deserves 15+ touches next game or something is really wrong.

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    Dont get me wrong, Drew Gooden is not at Kevin Garnets level, but he is damn close.


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      Drew Gooden, is that really you? LoL, I just read this & imagined the real Gooden pissed off & venting by posting @ Predictem. I agree that Hughes has done nothing, or certainly not enough to warrant his contract. He was overpaid after his best year (04-05 season in Washington), & although last year he was injured, he has no excuse this year... GL today, been looking at the Det/Orl over myself- short line means vegas expects the Magic to compete here, so there should be points....:thumbs:
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        Just blew my life savings on Pistons over and Suns over, no more predictem for me. Lost my mind after I tried to bet 1 single unit on nationals and the website wouldnt let me do it, so I waste all the money i have and made in the last year on 2 games. Now I am ****ed, the hard work was for nothing again. All the units I was ahead, never spoent a dollar, now im b****ed.:bang:


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          :laughing: :thx:
          NCAA YTD: 2-3-2 -3.9 units.

          "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." Sun Tzu- The Art of War


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            Originally posted by DrewGooden View Post
            Dont get me wrong, Drew Gooden is not at Kevin Garnets level, but he is damn close.
            :laughing: You should do stand up...


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              Originally posted by DrewGooden View Post
              Dont get me wrong, Drew Gooden is not at Kevin Garnets level, but he is damn close.
              What basketball league are you watching? LOL :yell:
              Rowdy Rowdy Red!!!