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    Originally posted by Daws1089 View Post
    just to get some conversation, i guess this line does look a little odd. I mean hawks with a chance to send orlando home and they aren't even favored? i think i made my play too early.
    Or it could mean that the books think the general public will forget about Orlando's awful shooting exhibition the first 4 games and will hammer them.


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      i thought game 5 was what they needed to get going, but they showed again what they truly are, the worst team to make the playoffs this year.


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        guess i'll add another loser

        Portland -3.5

        2 units

        congrats early to those on dallas


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          3 bad plays again last night. i was looking for the magic to build off game 5 and be able to actually put the ball in the basket, but it turns out orlando's offense just sucks, which of course was pretty obvious looking back on things. portland was outmatched by dallas and laying points with them in retrospect was not smart. just being "tough at home" isn't enough when the other team is more talented, more experienced, and has a true difference maker playing determined, and is looking to close you out. a real big thanks to the guy who horse collared dirk and made him go off.

          7-22 -41.95

          sas +3 -105
          sas/mem o188.5

          2.5 units each

          again, i think the spurs ride the momentum they created in game 5 here, which will of course probably NOT happen judging from my awesome record so far.