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  • round 3

    pissed i didn't get on okc -6.5. so predictable what would happen in this game with okc dominating by being the better team plus getting all the calls in their favor at home. tough to believe that could happen in the nba :laughing:

    round 1 8-23 -42.08
    round 2 13-7 +22.10
    overall 21-30 -19.98

    miami +2

    3 units

  • #2
    21-31 -23.28

    okc 1q +2
    okc 1h +3.5

    2 units each

    I think Okla City can play with Dallas or anyone, but I think the main advantage of the Mavs lies in the 4th qtr in this series, with their star having more playoff and big game experience, and I think that is how Dallas will eventually win this series, with Dirk taking over and winning the close ones for them, while Durant has shown he will struggle under good defensive pressure at times.

    With that being said, I think Dallas may start a little sluggish tonight after having so much time off, while this is just another game, schedule wise, for okla city, as they are just playing another game on regular "rest".

    IF okc is going to cover the game line, i figure they will also cover the 1q and 1h lines, or at least one of them, as a road comeback at Dallas, if the Mavs come out and lay the smack down on them in the 1h, is probably unlikely, while the exact opposite seems more likely to me, with dallas possibly covering either by controlling the 4th qtr, or on foul shots at the end if they're up in the last minute, so I played the 1q and 1h instead of the game.


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      Hope you cash it Stif:thumbs:
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        I think okc set a playoff record for most consecutive stupid shots there in the 2nd qtr. At least the 1q play hit.


        • #5
          22-32 -23.48

          heat +2.5 -105

          6 units


          • #6
            gl stif im on it too.


            • #7
              23-32 -17.48

              west gm 2:

              okc +5.5.....2 units
              okc/dal u201.5.....3 units


              • #8
                west gm 3:

                okc -2.5
                okc/dal u200

                3 units each


                • #9
                  25-34 -19.08

                  miami -4.5

                  4 units


                  • #10
                    26-34 -15.08

                    west gm 4:

                    okc -4
                    okc/dal u196.5 -105

                    2.5 units each


                    • #11
                      nice job thunder

                      26-36 -20.45

                      east gm 4:

                      mia/chi o179.5

                      3 units

                      may add a side yet later. leaning miami -5 but want to make sure loser lang isn't on them. he has a serious boner for chicago, so i doubt it, but you can't be too sure :laughing:


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                        27-36 -17.45

                        west gm 5:

                        dal -6.5 -105
                        dal/okc u199.5

                        3 units each


                        • #13
                          28-37 -17.60

                          been stuck in the mud for over a week....

                          east gm 5:

                          miami ml +135

                          2 units