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    Udogg was wondering what your thoughts were on the Suns/Spurs game tomm? If you think the Suns win tomm I was wondering what you thought about playing Phoenix to win the series at +270 pretty decent value there..IMO if they can win this one in SA then I think they take the series..


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      Honestly EMV, I don't think the Suns win tomorrow.... They had their chance at home yesterday & were beat, despite playing great defensively. As much as I hate to see it, IMO the Spurs will go to the finals. I'm playing the Spurs tomorrow, IMO they win by 8 or more...GL whatever you decide :thumbs:
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        Thanks for the input..I guess my heart wants the Suns to win cause I hate the Spurs, not really a Suns fan but so sick of the Spurs..I think your prolly right though Suns did have their chance and Spurs should win at home..


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          LoL I'm right there with Suns future was pretty much a play on them taking out the Spurs. Can't deny they are a great club, IMO Duncan is one of the best players to ever play the game. It's crazy how much they get out of their role players, how clutch they are- makes them so tough to beat. Detroit/Spurs finals looming, I'm really not sure if I can get up for that...

          2-1 +$60 what a terrible 2ndh for the Baby Bulls, I have a feeling they get to the Conference finals next year... still such a young team. I'll be on the Spurs tomorrow, & then I'm out of town for a couple days :jiggy:
          Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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            I'll be in Vegas for the NBA Finals so hopefully the Stones are in the Finals which they should be if they play their game and dont take games off. Yeah Duncan is pretty amazing but I hate him for some reason lol something bout the dude just bothers me, I don't quite know what it is though..Think I might just make a play on the total or a prop bet for tomm..I really have a hard time cheering for the Spurs..I'd like to see the Spurs play the Stones in the finals..Sheed gets redemption for leaving Big Shot Bob open for three? I really wanna see Dice get a ring, that dude has been nothing but a class act in the NBA and deserves to win a title with how hard he has worked to come back from injuries..


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              Steppin out on a couple big plays today....


              6 units


              4 units

              Cavs team o89

              2 units

              Clev/NJ o181

              $300 to win $1133

              See you guys Wednesday
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              Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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                dammm, its time to call the maid in, and clean this thread up...:nuts:

                GL Tonight UD.....:beerbang: