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NBA Playoffs Wed 5/16

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  • NBA Playoffs Wed 5/16

    playoffs 21-23 (-4.45 units)

    Suns ML +145

    2 units

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    Couldn't agree more....GL... :beerbang:


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      Like it- GL Stif :thumbs:
      Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends...


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        well, for my third nba playoff action, after hitting 250 reverse on some udogg tailing, then hitting jazz second half, i have already gone all in with 20 units on spurs -2 and 10 units on spurs -1 first half.

        if you guys are right, my sh*t is gonna hit the fan.

        i am not taking this ONLY becuase of the Amare, Diaw scenerio, although it obviously factored in.

        The spurs led that whole game in SA, and literally gave the game away in the fourth. Games like that, plus the other team losing HEIGHT, POINTS, REBOUNDS, versus the Spurs leads me to say, fu*k it, if it loses, i understand why i did it..........

        Suns have home court, Nash, but not many more STRONG advantages.

        Regardless, if i hit, my bankroll will thank me. If not, i'll take comfort in knowing you guys hit and capped the game correctly.

        May the best man win.....GL gents.

        CFB: 25-28-1 (+3)

        NFL: 14-12 (+7.75)

        CBB: 07-08: 54-43(+11.25) RD 3-1