Just plugging along, trying to track these to see what the deal is:

System 1: (Tremendous start but faded fast):
17-14 +$60.37
No Plays

System 2:
15-27 -$1,416.06
Fades of System 2 (tried fading it and that didn't work) 5-5; -$45.45
No Plays

System 3:

(a) 2-3 -$118.19
Boston -5 (-105) vs. Cleveland

(b) 3-4 -$127.27
Milwaukee -6.5 vs. Philadelphia

Damn there are a lot of "-" up there, and the System 1 would be negative if you tailed the last month.

Things will level out, 2 and 3 are a variation of 1, just trying to hone in on what is wrong. System 1 provides way two few plays, 2 & 3 causes too many plays.

I'm still digging...there is gold in there.

I will explain all three once they are more consistent........more consistently positive.