Trying this diluted chase system. Essentially, I take what was lost the day previous and bring it forward to the current day and play the normal unit plus a pro-rated amount for the losses from the day before.

For example, the plays were 2-7 yesterday. The System won 216 yesterday and lost 350. There are 3 plays today, so the 350 is divided by 3 = 116 and then added to 50 to make a total of 166 on each of today's plays. Each would be to win 166.

Crossin' some fingers. Going to also alter the system to play 55 to win 50 on a -110 in stead of 50 to win 45

For simplicity assuming $50/play with the diluted chase explained above.
c: (2-1; +47.50)
Under Hou/Bos 205.5 (-108) 180.00 to win 166.66

E: (0-2; -$100)
Over Atl/MIA 204.5 (-107) 178.34 to win 166.66
Over Min/WAs 205 (-108) 180.00 tow win 166.66

System assumes a $50 to win bet.

Still ironing out details.
All System Records
A: 1-0 +$46.30
C: 2-1 +$47.50
D 1-1 -$2.00
E 0-2 -$200
Moneline 2-4 -$158.05
ATS 2-4 -$107.82
Moneline: 3-3 +$94.48
ATS 4-2 +$88.82

All -190.77

This is first night of the chase. Lets see where we go from here.
(In any chase system you should only start with 1/4 or less of your normal unit because the size of the bets escalate so quickly, however, when it pays off and it will you have money in your pocket; if you normally bet $100/game bet $25 in a chase; if you normally bet $10/game; bet $2.50 in a chase).