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Horfin Round Plays 11/20 (Do Not Play)

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  • Horfin Round Plays 11/20 (Do Not Play)

    Okay well this kind of ballooned way out of control. I am not playing this until I see some more results. I am going to post my thoughts and my tracking of this system until I figure it out completely. Still a diluted chase, also chasing old losses and with the chase added to the new plays.

    Step 1: Last Night Bet was to win $176 on each of three games. System won one and lost two, so on tonight we'd have to chase the $176 twice plus what was lost the first night of $116 twice equalling $584. Rather unusually the system has come up with 23 plays tonight, so we would divied the $584 by 23 plays and see that we would play to win 25.40 plus our one unit of $50 or $75.40 per game. So the bets would be x to win $75.40, except dog ML plays are $75.40 to win x

    I am not playing these, I am tracking, I do not recommend tailing at this time
    Cha +2.5 (-105) vs Brooklyn
    Cha +125 vs Brooklyn
    Phi +4 (-105) vs Tor
    Phi +155 vs Tor
    Hou +3 (-108) vs Dal
    Hou +130 vs Dal
    LAC/MIN Under 213.5 (-105)
    Cha/Brook Over 187.5 (-105)
    =====above are new plays----below are chases==== to win bet amount is constant on all plays
    Memphis +4.5 (-105) vs. GS
    Memphis +168 vs GS
    Over Atl/Det 203 (-105)
    Orl +7 (-105) vs Mia
    Orlando +280 vs Mia
    Mil +5 vs Port
    Mil +185 vs Port
    Mil/Port Over 195.5 (-103)
    Pheonix -6 (-109) vs Sac
    Phoenix -240 vs Sac
    Mil +5 vs Port (yes again)
    Mil +185 vs Sacrament
    Bos +14.5 vs SA
    Bos +145 vs SA
    Uta +10.5 vs NO
    Uta +535 vs NO
    I am not playing these, I am tracking, I do not recommend tailing at this time

    Now if this hits 23-0 tonight, I am going to be a tidbit upset. Based upon the system(s) and the numbers it should hit. But I just don't have enough faith in it yet to play this much on this system this early.

    Sorry to confuse the daylights out of everyone. THanks for being my sounding board.


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