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Something to consider if you're betting the Clippers

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  • Something to consider if you're betting the Clippers

    I couldn't believe my eyes while watching the Clippers/Warriors game Wed. night that Doc Rivers had his kid in the game during crunch time.

    Austin Rivers is one of the worst guards in the NBA. BUT DADDY thinks he's good so had him in.

    Per 36 mins, Austin Rivers shoots 39% from the field, 32% from 3, 62% from the line, averages 3.2 boards, and 1.8 turnovers.

    This makes him the worst guard in the league.

    In during crunch time? LOL

    This is definitely something to consider when betting the Clippers. Doc padding his son's wallet is sickening and symbolism of what the NBA has become. It's entertainment, not a sport.

    The season is only a few days old and I'm already disgusted with how much the players bark at refs and how many non calls and **** calls there are.

    I miss the old NBA where guys like Moses Malone, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan competed. These guys nowadays are CLOWNS.
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