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The Value of Line Movement

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  • The Value of Line Movement

    How much stock do you guys put into line movement? I've tracked the last 60 days or so of line movement and don't see any correlation between movement and cover, which includes reverse line movement.

    Similar results for NCAAB as well, so I thought I'd pose the question.

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    This is because the value may have been sucked out of the line once it's moved.

    I'd be interested to see how the ats records were pre and post line move.

    I agree with your assessment that lots of line moves fail. Many are driven by the public. Fewer are driven by sharps.

    It's my opinion that line moves involving SMALL college basketball schools mean WAY more than line moves in big school games.

    I also believe that line moves mean more when the public is on the other side.

    A huge problem with NBA line moves is that these MF's have become SOOOO lazy, the NBA is almost impossible to predict. It's become like WWE where it's more entertainment than a real sport. Disgusting! Can't wait for baseball where guys actually have intelligence and TRY.

    It's really sad man... The last 2 minutes of a tight NBA game are some of the most exciting in sports because guys with amazing athleticism are going balls out and competing. The NBA would be incredible if they'd play that way the whole game.

    Unfortunately it's become more about who has cool tattoos and "showing out". God forbid somebody be able to make a 12 foot mid range jumper or a free throw anymore.
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