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  • Homer Monday

    whats up everyone? took a big one on the chin last night with SD...should have known Belichek vs Turner, Rivers vs Brady, home field but I didnt put any of it into perspective and took a hit but here's what we got for MNF

    Eagles -6.5, 4 units

    home opener for the Birdies, fired up home crowd, Andy Reid is straight $ on Monday night usually, Eagles are 9-2 last 11 vs Redskins and the 2 we lost were when the Eagles were awful and McMahon started one of those games....Skins are missing Jansen and Daniels and maybe even Smoot, Eagles will be w/o Sheppard...Expect the eagles to try and utilize Westbrook alot tonight and watch out for the long ball with Curtis, expect Reggie Brown to have a bigger night tonight....a little worried about the power running and Cooley, but Eagles should be able to get pressure on Campbell tonight, Kearse and Thomas should be getting past the backup linemen tonight..Mac is going to look to have a big game after his shaky opener and the Birds will be alright with Mahe, despite his lack of speed, he has a head on his shoulders and he can catch the ball, Packers didnt do anything to the Eagles offense, Eagles gave the game with special teams play, Skins beat a weak Miami team by 3 at home....Eagles should pounce them tonight....27-16 Eagles win I am seeing....

    doing this as well

    Reverse: Phillies -130, Eagles -6.5, 1 unit to win 4

    gl tonight

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!
    To A Phillies World Series :beerbang:

    Flyers and Eagles --- its your turn:beerbang:

    1 unit=25 dollars
    2 units=50, etc.. and so on