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  • NHL thursday with flmmkrz

    Blues -105 to win 2 units

    Murray had the blues playing good hockey when he took over this squad last year. With some added talent they should be a tough team to play for teams this year. Phoenix won't be tough for many and especially not for a team like the blues who won't take them lightly. At this price I have to take the blues.

    as for the other games I haven't locked in any but my thoughts:

    I want no part of the sens and leafs

    There is value on the panthers as it could take the rangers time to gel with their new talent but florida doesnt traditionally travel well and the talent edge is with the rangers so i'd rather wait till the panthers can get them in florida and hope I get a decent number there.

    I like the devils over the bolts. No Boyle hurts breakouts and the pp. I dont make much of the devils losing Gomez as I think Zajac is going to be very good and provide plenty of offense as the number 2 center. Losing Rafalski hurts but Lou seems to think Whites ready and if Lou thinks it, im not doubting him. Major edge in net and defensive zone coverage while I think they have enough offense to sneak a win here.

    Avs/Preds - I like the preds, after tonights performance the avs are creating a bit more value on the preds so I may wait this one out a bit but Preds still have talent and I like the young mobile defense. Masons solid and with the preds selling more seasons tickets than they ever had, Sommet should be rocking. Why'd they change the name? Something wrong with the gaylord entertainment centre lol.

    Wild/Hawks - Hawks may surprise this year but not in Minny. Too good a home squad but it's chalky so i'll likely just pass.

    Sharks/ Oil - honestly the only thing keeping me off the sharks is the line. This seems fishy as hell, I don't care how improved the oil look on paper the sharks are on most peoples short list for cup contenders while the oil looked like a farm team last year. On public perception alone I expected at least an open of -150ish so either my lines off or the books are begging people to bet the sharks.
    Even if it had opened at -150 I imagine most of the betting public would've been on the sharks so why so low?

    flyers/flames - Im leaning flames, public seems to be leaning flames yet the lines drifting the other way. Flames just dont lose many at home and iron mike im sure wants a good showing for their first home game but the movements puzzling.

    still debating a bunch of these
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    GL flmm :thumbs:


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      thx Nitt,


      Minny - 195 to win 1 unit

      Laying the chalk here again. As improved as the hawks should be it won't matter here. Minny is just awesome at home and their special teams will win them this one. Games have been close this season so I'm not taking the spread and just eatin the chalk on the ml


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        Blues - 2.1
        Minny + 1

        1-1, - 1.1 units