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  • NHL Thursday

    NHL YTD: 3-0 (+12 units)

    5* Toronto Maple Leafs/Ottawa Senators Over 5.5 (-155)

    Going back to the well again. Took this same bet last night and for the same reasons I like it again. Similar score to yesterday.

    5* St. Louis Blues ML (-120) Over Phoenix Coyotes

    It's been said throughout the board. The Blues will have a much improved team where they will probably fight for the final playoff spot while the Coyotes will probably be the worst team in the NHL again. This won't be easy cause I just don't see the Blues thrashing anyone but there hard fought mentality will push them through.

    1* Florida Panthers/New York Rangers Under 6 (-150)

    Two solid goalies in this matchup. Florida really kept teams at bay this preseason as defensively and in the net they seem to be very strong. I think it'll take the Rangers some time to gel and even then I really don't expect there offense to be that good. Yes they made nice additions but neither are offensive machines IMO. Jagr and Shanny are a year older and I just think the Rangers are HIGHLY overrated. Was tempted to take the Panthers at -1 1/2 for +410 but they won't beat many teams by more then a goal so I opted for the better bet in the Under.

    Good Luck to All!!!!

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    CS- GL! that Rangers Under at 6. I don't have in money in 5 pesos anymore, so i can only get it at 5 1/2. GL!...
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      GL corey :beerbang:

      "Schooly D is fat cake yo."
      -Big Pimpin-