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  • JML Wednesday >>>

    YTD: 70-86, -36.62 Units

    Ducks +128 vs Wild
    Anaheim due for a win....that stocked team lost 3 straight heading into the break...nice dog line here for them to cash...we won't get many of these with them heading home...Minny inconsistant, and the Ducks already have a win in Minny a few games ago.

    Panthers -118 vs Sabres
    Asking one of the worst road teams in the league to get their 3rd straight road win, on a b2b against a team playing their first game after the break is a bit much. Backing the ****ty cats in this one as I think it's a nice spot for them to pick up a win.

    2 Units Each
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    Hey JML! Long time no talk...I have been lurking the last few days and took your advise on both St. Louis and Dallas yesterday (along with a nice hit on Pitt +192 and PHX +140). Thanks for the winners!
    Come to daddy on an inside straight,
    Well I got no chance of losin' this time


    MLB 0-0
    NCAA 5-3-1 (+2.4 units)
    NBA 0-0
    NHL 2-5 (-2.55 units)


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      nice hits wood!

      I can't believe I didn't put a unit on the Pens...that was insane value, and I had it circled on my original list....

      GL :thumbs: