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  • Prof's NHL Wed

    haven't posted in a while but getting back into things.

    starting off with sens/pens ov 5.5 +115 2 units.

    to me this line shouldn't be plus anything. i feel as though oddsmakers are overcompensating heatley's injury. even without heatley these teams are't the sit and wait types. they'll still be moving the puck and both will try to jump to early leads. obviously, the heatley comment has nothing to do with the fact that he's still one of the best players in the game when at full strength

    another plus is the experience of these goalies. you gotta love the lack of tried and tested goaltending when betting the over. on the flip side, each netminder has shown that they can dominate a game from time to time. i think the edge lies with the inexperience.

    referee-wise, it looks like we're getting brad watson and wes mccauley. i tend to think that they'll offset any advantage either way but i hope watson will give a couple of extra pps to the pens.

    GL to all! :thumbs:

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    i'm a moron. i don't know what i was thinking...i meant alfredsson NOT heatley. i've been looking at this computer screen too long today. sorry for any confusion. :bang: