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NHLRS Finally the Travesty is over Saturday

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  • NHLRS Finally the Travesty is over Saturday

    complete and utter travesty making a storied franchise like PHI wait until SAT to open when **** franchises that have no history like Florida, Carolina and Toronto open before them......i mean Toronto came into the league in 1973 or something....:ohman:

    PHI -145......2Units............not sure the way this line is going to go but i don't like playing favorites any higher than this. I think the oddsmaker making you pay for PHI here as i think it will probably be a public play. It does worry me that the line is this high as it almost is begging for NYR money. But NYR in B2B and also coming off a trip to Europe in which they just returned on Tuesday i believe. PHI has to be the fresher team here and opening at home i expect a nice effort, especially vs. NYR. But how many times have i said that before and watched an unmotivated PHI team play. This is a situational handicap more than anything.

    MIN -135..................i like MIN here. BOS may have won 6-5 the other night but if you look deep inside the numbers, they only registered 19 SOG the entire game. They will be lucky to get 19 SOG vs. MIN and MIN won't cave like Crapdaj and Colorado did defensively the other night. I was debating playing a BOS Team Under here but i like the side better. MIN has issues, especially at center but should be able to dictate a MIN type of game at home and come home with a W

    will look at some totals tomorrow. I put those plays in early as i think they might be "public" plays on Saturday and the line may go up. I certainly can see the MIN line rising.

    GL to everyone!
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !

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    GL FF!

    I haven't done my homework yet but I'll be looking throughout the day tomorrow! May take Vancouver to keep it close at +1.5 maybe. 6-0 win, they looked impressive, that or Calgary just looked terrible. Kinda hard to gauge what will happen in Calgary. Could go either way, maybe best just to watch from the outside and enjoy the game LOL!

    Liking the Flyers tomorrow as an early look!

    NCAA 9-7 -1.0 Units
    NFL 5-1 +4.9 Units
    Loaded Dice - Upon killing a unit, Twisted Fate rolls his 'lucky' dice receiving anywhere between 1 and 6 bonus gold.


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      gl ff


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        2-1 as DET and MIN win but the lovely Flyers give up 4 1P goals. I hate betting on them. They never come to play when they are in a good spot.

        nice opening 3 days.....4-4-1 and down some juice.......wonderful....very worthwhile....:thumbs:
        I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !