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  • JML Monday NHL >>>

    NHL YTD: 123-117, +10.76

    Some nice time off from pucks...back at it...

    Habs -122 vs Panthers
    Headscratcher of a line right off the bat...Panthers had a decent run for a bit in December (going 7-5) ...mostly because of goaltending....but are still a non-playoff team IMO, and went into the break losing b2b against the biggest joke of the league...TB. I'll take the better team on a low line. Probably more Snowbird Montreal fans at this game

    Rangers -0.5 (reg) -132 vs Islanders
    Rangers on a losing streak, but all three were against some of the league's best...they should smoke their rival tonight...who are just awful...

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    Adding the Junior Hockey game for ****s and giggles

    Canada/Germany OVER 9.5 -140

    Figured if I had to lay 7.5 with Canada, why not lay 9.5 with both...if the Canucks go off for 10+...great...if Germany manages to score a did get 2 on the US, and 9 on lowly Kazakstan (GREAT SUCCESS!)'s more of a fun play for $25 because I'm boozing and watching the

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      Probably should just keep my NHL sweep tonight...and probably shoulda hit that bad Habs line I'm adding one more...

      Kings -118 vs BJs

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