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  • JML Wednesday NHL >>>

    NHL YTD: 220-195, +31.06

    Up over 30 Units for the first time this year, after sweeping last nights action. :thumbs:

    Flyers -185 vs Kings
    Don't like this spot for LA....coming off what lately has been a rare win, on the road, in Minny, in a shootout. Now they travel to Philly to play a Flyers team that is lighting it up, and winning games doing so. LA's had a bit of trouble scoring, and will be missing offensive leader and captain, Dustin Brown again tonight I believe after going home for the birth of his son. You might be able to squeak out a tight low scoring game in Minny, but you will need goals in Philly, and I don't think LA can match-up tonight on the road b2b without a top line player.

    Rangers -135 vs Leafs
    Tortorella. Just what the Rangers needed...a fiery coach to kick that lazy team in the ass a bit. I think it starts tonight. Add that to the fact that this is the back end of a home-and-home where the Leafs won the first at MSG, AND the way the Leafs tend to generally suck in big games at home...and the Rangers are the play, IMO...

    Wings -130 vs Sharks
    I suspect alot of people are going to be tempted to take a good team like the Sharks as a dog, but the Wings are the right play, IMO. SJ is coming in on a 4 game win streak, after losing 6 of 7 and causing some concern. But are SJ really back? Or is it more of a case of them winning 3 home games over average competition (Edm/LA/Atl) and a 1-0 road game in Dallas where they were severely outplayed and had no business winning. From what I can see this team is struggling on the road. They looked horrible last road-trip losing 4 of 5. Now they start a new road trip by getting outplayed in Dallas on Monday, and flying into Detroit to face the firepower of the Wings. Meanwhile, Detroit has been off since Saturday, and are absolutely lighting it up at home, scoring an average of 5.3 goals per game at home in February (winning 6 of 7 with a SO loss). Amazing. The Wings goaltending has also been better (it had been their weakness) after sending Osgood home, as Conklin has won 5 straight games, without giving up more than 3 goals. I think Detroit is the better team in this situation playing at home, with SJ STILL suspect on the road.

    3 Units Each

    GL :thumbs:
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    GL! funny is it that TOR has gotten 2 coaches canned in the last 2 weeks....:laughing:...first the 6-2 win over PIT got one and then the win over the NYR on Sunday nailed a second coach.....

    PHI without timmonen tonight and biron in net FYI. I also like PHI here. Probably playing both in regulation. NYR +110 and PHI -125
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      Thanks FF. Yeah...I knew about Timmonen, and Philly is one of those teams to me where the goalies are a toss-up when it comes to capping...doesn't matter who plays IMO. Kinda like Minny, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, Anaheim, Colorado...

      Adding a rare total...

      Ilses/Pens UNDER 6 -120

      3 Units
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        Wings -140 vs Sharks
        Doubled up on my Detroit pick. I just keep looking into it, and everything I see points to Detroit winning that game. Gotta go with it....much like Boston last night.

        Islanders +1.5 -124 vs Pens
        What the hell...pretty good value there....and I have it being an Under game, so hopefully Denis and the Ilses keep it close with the depleted Pens...who are missing both Crosby and Whitney...

        3 Units Each

        Flyers -1.5 +160 vs Kings
        If you have Philly winning in this spot, with Ersberg in has a good chance of being by a couple goals with the talent Philly has up front...

        1.5 Units
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          don't forget to activate Brodeur on your fantasy team....:thumbs:
          I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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            Originally posted by FlyersFan View Post
            don't forget to activate Brodeur on your fantasy team....:thumbs:

            That league's ****ed for me though. Missed the draft and got a brutal team....Brodeur and Giggy and alfie... 1st 3 picks??...ah well...I'm doing well in my money league. Thats the best kinda pool IMO. (Angs
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              6-1 :thumbs: