Bruins -.5 @ -118 to win 2 units

Nasty bruins team at home getting in a ducks team that is short on front end talent to begin with and traded away Kunitz. It seems a pretty blatant sign that Niedermayer or Pronger are being dangled with Whitney being picked up. Management is thinking ahead to the future and writing this season off and the players should pick up the message loud and clear.

Canes -140 to win 2 units

Agree with jml here, sabres are in trouble. I dont love betting Carolina but at home in this spot they are the play.

Stars -147 to win 2 units

Injuries, flu the stars prolly have legit reasons to come out on the losing end of this game but this is a veteran team and they need a win off 2 losses to tough teams. The blues aren't a cakewalk by any means but even undermanned the stars have the team to beat them. I feel like im on the better team, the better goalie and the hungrier team on home ice all for a decent tag so it's the only play I can make on this one.

GL everyone