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  • JML Tuesday NHL >>>

    NHL YTD: 269-231, +44.57

    Jackets -180 vs Bolts
    Fading Mike Mckenna in net for TB...he's been awful in his most recent starts. Cbus playing well on a playoff push, and have young superstar Mason in net tonight...

    Capitals -178 vs Leafs
    Toronto coming home off a roadtrip, and a BIG spoiler win over rival Montreal on HNIC. I see a letdown back home against Ovie and the Caps. AO likes the big stage, and has had success against Toronto...

    2 Units Each


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    GL!...chalk muncher...:beerbang: :beerbang:

    thanks for posting them 3x BTW.....
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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      Originally posted by FlyersFan View Post
      thanks for posting them 3x BTW.....
      Yeah...not sure what happened there... :dunno:


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        well that sucked...

        i hate those games where you have 1 team dominating and the score is still 0-0. i can't believe TAM won that game. They had 7 SOG through 2 periods and CBJ only gave them 1PP the whole game......right side wrong result.

        what happened in the TOR game?? i was watching the TAM game and they said Gerber got tossed....:laughing:...with like a minute left....:dunno:.......strange.
        I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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          Same thing in the Leafs game....Caps shoulda probably won 4-1...had probably double the quality chances....whattya do...

          Gerber was pissed at the tying goal, and fired a puck at the thing is, Cujo came in and made a bunch of huge saves, as the Caps were all over the Leafs in OT....looked like a 5 minute goal though...