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    still can't shut it down for the summer and WD my winnings for 4 more days so might as well play a little more in the meantime (stupid 60 day deal).

    There are some big favorites on Tuesday but i almost feel compelled to play some of them.

    PIT -230........huge chalk but losers of 2 in a row and in need of some points. PIT is only 4 points into the playoffs so it's not like they are crusing to finish the season. They are still 15-3-4 L22 games. Worth it IMO. Anyone feel differently or a no play feel?

    NYR vs. MON....line is -160 and I for the life of me don't see any value in laying -1 anything with NYR but MON has been living on the PP for goals and with Markov out and Schneider gone for the season....and with NYR in a tie for the last playoff spot....and with MON playing Monday night and would think if you were ever going to get a premium effort from NYR it would be in this game. I am almost compelled to bet OT YES in this game as the score might be 1-1 and i think that if it's tied in the 3P both teams will be verrrrrrrrrrrry conservative trying to grab a point at least. And i don't think either team is going to run away from the other one.

    OILCAN -140 i believe it is, might be wrong. Does the CAN have one more good performance in them. LAK playing B2B.

    VAN -160..........couldn't BE-LIEVE this line when i saw it. No value in the play, though, i do side with VAN in this one. Especially if CAL finishes off the LAK and has a 2 point lead. They lose this one and they are probably cooked for the 3rd seed. Maybe that is why the juice is so high. Flmrrz.....thoughts...:dunno:

    STL...needs a win..

    FLA/PHI............big game for both teams but bigger game for FLA. PHI has been really playing ****ty hockey lately and i wouldn't lay -185 in this game with them. Kind of like FLA here honestly.

    DAL/MIN......close to code blue for the Wild. Have a hard time backing either team but i would lean to MIN. Just worried their mental state after coughing up a point at least with :54 left in their game Sunday versus the Wings.

    getting to be crunch time. Not sure what i am playing but i would like to hear some thoughts on some of these matchups.
    I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !

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    Is there any games on Tuesday?? Oh yeah....13 of em! lol

    I had PIT and NYR earmarked for tomorrow for much of the same reasons stated. MTL's screwed with injuries....and huge game for NYR. Pit....lost first two of southern swing, but both against good teams in playoff hunt...need this win over a caved in, done-like-dinner TB team. TB also off a northern road swing, in first game back home.

    Oilcan are actually play for me, as they are cooked, and just caught Vancity in a bad spot.

    I see SJ is -400 tomorrow. lol...don't see many of those! The sad thing is, the Sharks probably have some value on that line!! lmao...

    So many games, and might just stick with the Pens/Blueshirts...

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      lmao.....when you see teams -400 in the NHL....unheard of.....

      Yeah, i am going to saddle up on PIT tomorrow I think......

      And i had the NYR circled but wow....-160 for a team that flat out can't put the puck in or on the net and has a horrible PP. They are 2nd to last in the NHL in PP at home. Just an atrocious PP virtually every time out. The one stat i do like is that the NYR are tops in the PK at home and with Markov and Schneider out of the lineup, that kills that MON PP that seems to have produced about 1/2 their goals in the past 2 weeks. The MON PP was like 35% over the past couple weeks...just insane. They are also (NYR) 3rd in the league in GAA at home. I guess what scares me is they don't score. This may set up better for an UNDER play honestly. MON is 6th in road PK so you know the NYR won't be getting anything done on the PP. And if you then think there won't be any special teams goals (PP) then the Under starts to look really good.

      MIN might be an interesting play if that Mike Climie guy starts again for DAL. MIN not done yet and first road start for the ECHL'er might not be pretty. But then again, MIN hasn't scored a bunch of goals since the Taft administration.

      VAN/CAL i am almost tempted to watch and enjoy unless flmrrz can talk me into VAN. VAN sits 2 points back and if they lose here they are pretty much the 5th seed or worse. CAL played well versus Los Angeles and dumb ass Keenan finally put Iginla back with Camellari and low and behold they scored some goals. I do like VAN coming off 2 really bad efforts.

      Still might take a Flyer (no pun intended) with FLA. Lots of value (+160) for a desperate team that has been playing well versus a team who looks like they just want to get to the playoffs and quite frankly has been playing like ****.
      I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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        ff - I'll be on the canucks big. They had a tough sched and got caught flat but way too many character guys looking forward to this match up for them to take it anything less than seriously. They'll have their legs and in their own yard the fans, of which I will be one in attendance are going to be going insane. Flames just haven't been playing well enough to scare me off playing my team when it's hungry for a win. The b2b for the flames doesn't hurt either. No Regehr is big, he's their best coverage guy and it should make life easier on the 1st line.

        I love Minny tonight and the pens look solid tonight as well

        SJ and Canes might be the easy parlay of the night. I can't see either losing to ahl squads.

        The over in phoenix looks good and at +115 a solid price. Blues can score and cant play a lick of defense meanwhile the dogs work their asses off, should be able to chip in with a couple.