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    Looks like everyone has been doing well the past couple of nights so might as well keep the chatter going for the next 3 or 4 days to end the season.

    I honestly thought i would like a lot on today's card, but for that many games, i can't find many angles.

    NYR -145.........i do like the NYR here in this one. They are 7-1 at home L8 games and are still battling for a playoff spot. They have to go on the road at PHI in the finale so i would expect another effort similar to the Montreal game. Special teams mismatch here worries me but then again so would the way PHI has been playing the last 6 or 7 games. They finally had a good 3P in the Florida game.

    PIT/NYI Over.............just look at PIT last game versus the Lightning. Plenty of goals and plenty of goals against. NYI i don't think are going to put up much resistance. Still a big game for PIT IMO as I would imagine they would like to move up as much as they can. Malkin finally got going again. 7-3 Penguins.

    VAN -250............another chalky chalk muncher play that i am willing to do this time of the year. I don't think we will get a let down from VAN off of the CAL game. Quite frankly i don't think VAN has played well lately including the Calgary game and we're do for a better effort one of these games. LAK playing 3I4 on the road.

    anyone have a feel for the FLA/ATL game?? I would like to play FLA but ATL has really been battling lately in going something like 12-5 L17 games and a lot of those versus playoff teams.

    I am done betting DET games.... i never get their effort level right.....

    then there are some games to just leave alone IMO. DAL/COL, PHX/SAN
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    I'm thinking along the same lines in the canuck game. The team was very disappointed in their effort vs Calgary they know Lui bailed their asses out early and they need to play a more complete game. I think they bring it against this kings squad.

    Pens will **** kick the isles, they can attatch as much chalk to that one as they like and I'll bet it lol

    lean towards the over in the jersey sens game. Sens have lots of confidence going at home and jersey is wanting a better effort then they showed vs the leafs. Both teams will come to play and despite the traditional jersey style this group gives up chances so I see goals from both sides.

    Otherwise I dont see much for a big slate of games either


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      NCAA Frozen Four is today. I am going to step back up to the window with BU again today. I just think that their D is sick and they are a better team than Vermont. Though, Vermont did beat them in b2b games on their own ice by identical 4-3 scores. On the one hand i think that gives Vermont some confidence, but then on the other hand, that should have BU focused today and BU is the better team.

      Line is like BU -240 and Im going to grab a piece of it.

      NYR down to -140.....freeking VAN up to -270 and i still think the PIT over is the way to go in that game.
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        Here are my plays for today.....thoughts above.....running with the following:

        NYR -140

        PIT Over3 1/2.......figure if the game goes over PIT will go over, but i could see PIT Over and not the game over, though, honestly i think the whole thing goes

        BU -240........ridin' the BU train again today.

        VAN -170 (reg ties lose)

        GL to everyone!
        I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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          Not really liking the Rangers at home for some reason, Philly owns them at MSG and Rangers still in the driver seat for the 8th spot NOW i really like Panthers at ATL. They have a great revenge record and frankily they lose they go home pretty much IMO. They need this game.. A little juicy but i think the books want money on ATL.


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            Originally posted by Half-Man Half-Amazin View Post
            Not really liking the Rangers at home for some reason, Philly owns them at MSG and Rangers still in the driver seat for the 8th spot .
            problem is that NYR have been AWFUL on the road and they have 1 game left after this one and that is AT PHI. If they lose today it's not going to be easy on Sunday. I guarantee you that if PHI has a chance to send the NYR packing at home on Sunday they will. Nitty is starting Saturday vs. Islanders so Biron can start Sunday. Points are paramount tonight for the NYR. If they lose tonight and FLA wins like you think they will, they are in a horrible spot. FLA has a WAS team at home in their last game that probably won't be playing for much other than to get through the game uninjured.

            NYR 7-1 at home L8. I think that is well worth a play today win or lose. PHI has played very uninspired hockey lately with the exception of the 3P in their last game versus Florida.

            FLA game i am staying away from. ATL has been playing very good hockey lately and that is a tough one IMO. But GL with it....:thumbs:
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              well the NYR do come home with the cash but if i were a NYR fan i would offer to help my team shine up their golf clubs because they will have them out pretty quick. PHI pretty much dominated the 2nd half of that game and if not for some unreal saves, some cross bar and a few lucky bounces they might have lost 4-2. NYR have no team speed and try and carry the puck in constantly when they should be dumping and forechecking.

              PIT piles on a couple late tallys for the team over and the game over....

              BU up 2-0 and then inexplicably plays the way they did in the last game now down 3-2 and fading quickly. That team totally lacks a killer instinct.

              tomorrow has a couple of very interesting games.
              I am the M'bah a'Flyers Fan !


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                4-0 tonight.....on to Friday
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                  tailed them all flyers:beerbang: