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  • This game....

    ....all be it only one game, is a thorough beating. As bad as any super bowl wipeout I can remember, lol. Me and 5 buddies could probably go out and skate around and look as foolish as the Penguins do right now. It looks like Detroit could win this 10-0 if they desired. i mean Pittsburgh has done zero in the entire time i've been watching (mid 1st period), while Detroit should probably have 5 or 6 goals already.

    I only comment, because I don't understand what the fascination is with watching this. I mean anyone that can't see Detroit is going to win this going away is blind, so why watch? Unless the refs are gonna keep it close and put PIT on the power play later till they score some or something :laughing:

    I wish I could say I had money on DET, but unfortunately I do not :bang:

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    Wings are definitely tough at home...horrible effort by the Pens...I agree.

    Pens win game 6 though :thumbs:

    Looks like the Wings in 7... :bang:


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      I really wanted to watch the game last night, just from the standpoint that I wanted to watch what I thought should be a good game and it was something different than watching baseball for a change, which is what I normally watch when I'm home at night, unless there's a playoff basketball game on that I'm interested in.

      That game was very irritating, to say the least.....just like the Lakers/Magic game 1 which I also turned off just after the start of the 3rd qtr. It seemed to me (the casual fan without a ton of knowledge on hockey) that Pittsburgh had no chance of scoring, ever....nor could they really hold off Detroit from scoring at will, if that's what Detroit chose to do. Didn't watch the 3rd period (or the rest of the 2nd after it was 3-0 for that matter), but I assume Detroit just played alot of keep away, up 5-0 and all, or things would have gotten more out of hand.

      Hopefully the next few will be better in both sports.


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        I thought it was a great game:thumbs: